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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic devices based on small molecules featuring pyrrole and carbazole and 2-(4-nitrophenyl)acrylonitrile acceptor segments as donor and fullerene derivatives as acceptorSharma G.D.; Mikroyannidis J.A.; Sharma S.S.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2018Cyano-functionalized carbazole substituted pyrene derivatives for promising organic light-emitting diodesJoseph V.; Thomas K.R.J.; Sahoo S.; Singh M.; Jou J.-H.
2019Effect of electron rich π-linkers on the functional properties of dyes featuring dithieno[3,2-b:2′,3′-d]pyrrole donorKumar S.; Thomas K.R.J.; Li C.-T.; Fan M.-S.; Ho K.-C.
2011Electro-optical properties of new anthracene based organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cellsJustin Thomas K.R.; Singh P.; Baheti A.; Hsu Y.-C.; Ho K.-C.; Lin J.T.
2017Facile synthesis of β-functionalized “push-pull†Zn(II) porphyrins for DSSC applicationsPrakash K.; Manchanda S.; Sudhakar V.; Sharma N.; Sankar M.; Krishnamoorthy K.
2017Facile synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical redox properties of octa- and tetracarboxamidophenylporphyrins and the first example of amido-imidol tautomerism in porphyrinsYadav P.; Sankar M.
2012Fluorene-based organic dyes containing acetylene linkage for dye-sensitized solar cellsSingh P.; Baheti A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2019β-substituted donor-acceptor porphyrins: Synthesis, energy transfer and electrochemical redox propertiesGrover N.; Chaudhri N.; Sankar M.
2015Organic dyes containing fluoreneamine donor and carbazole π-linker for dye-sensitized solar cellsJustin Thomas K.R.; Venkateswararao A.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2006Removal of Orange-G and Methyl Violet dyes by adsorption onto bagasse fly ash - Kinetic study and equilibrium isotherm analysesMall I.D.; Srivastava V.C.; Agarwal N.K.
2018Simple carbazole based deep-blue emitters: The effect of spacer, linkage and end-capping cyano group on the photophysical and electroluminescent propertiesJoseph V.; Thomas K.R.J.; Sahoo S.; Singh M.; Jou J.-H.
2016Synthesis and characterization of thieno[3,4-d]imidazole-based organic sensitizers for photoelectrochemical cellsKarthik D.; Kumar V.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2017Synthesis and femtosecond third order nonlinear optical properties of push-pull trans-A2B-corrolesYadav P.; Anand T.; Moram S.S.B.; Bhattacharya S.; Sankar M.; Rao S.V.
2016Synthesis, characterization and electroluminescence of carbazole-benzimidazole hybrids with thiophene/phenyl linkerKarthik D.; Thomas K.R.J.; Jou J.-H.; Chen Y.-L.
2015Synthesis, optical, electrochemical and photovoltaic properties of organic dyes containing trifluorenylamine donorsBaheti A.; Gajjela S.R.; Balaya P.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2011The synthesis and spectral characterization of red dyes containing biphenyl or fluorene conjugation and dicyanovinyl acceptorsBaheti A.; Singh P.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2019Trans-A2B2 Zn(II) porphyrin dyes with various donor groups and their Co-sensitization for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsPrakash K.; Sudhakar V.; Sankar M.; Krishnamoorthy K.
2019Triazine-branched mono- and dianchoring organic dyes: Effect of acceptor arms on optical and photovoltaic propertiesThomas K.R.J.; Venkateswararao A.; Balasaravanan R.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2007Use of bagasse fly ash as an adsorbent for the removal of brilliant green dye from aqueous solutionMane V.S.; Mall I.D.; Srivastava V.C.