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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A study of DNA/BSA interaction and catalytic potential of oxidovanadium(v) complexes with ONO donor ligandsDashThese Authors Contributed Equally To This Work S.P.; Panda A.K.; Dhaka S.; Pasayat S.; Biswas A.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Majhi P.K.; Crochet A.; Dinda R.
2009Ag(i) induced emission with azines having donor-acceptor-donor chromophoreRay D.; Iyer E.S.S.; Sadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Bharadwaj P.K.
2021Are lanthanide-transition metal direct bonds a route to achieving new generation {3d-4f} SMMs?Swain, Abinash Kumar; Sen A.; Rajaraman G.
2018Catalytic cyanosilylation using germylene stabilized platinum(ii) dicyanideSharma M.K.; Singh D.; Mahawar P.; Yadav R.; Nagendran S.
2011Chemistry and applications of organotin(iv) complexes of Schiff basesNath, Mala; Saini P.K.
2014Chiral multidentate oxazoline ligands based on cyclophosphazene cores: Synthesis, characterization and complexation studiesKumar, Dheeraj; Singh J.; Elias A.J.
2018Combined experimental and theoretical studies on selective sensing of zinc and pyrophosphate ions by rational design of compartmental chemosensor probe: Dual sensing behaviour: Via secondary recognition approach and cell imaging studiesMawai K.; Nathani S.; Roy, Partha; Singh U.P.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2013Control of the spatial arrangements of supramolecular networks based on saddle-distorted porphyrins by intermolecular hydrogen bondingIshizuka T.; Sankar, Muniappan; Kojima T.
2020Coupled-substituted double-layer Aurivillius niobates: Structures, magnetism and solar photocatalysisRani S.; Naresh G.; Mandal, Tapas Kumar
2011Cryptand derived fluorescence signaling systems for sensing Hg(ii) ion: A comparative studySadhu, Kalyan Kumar; Sen S.; Bharadwaj P.K.
2020Cu(i) complexes obtained: Via spontaneous reduction of Cu(ii) complexes supported by designed bidentate ligands: Bioinspired Cu(i) based catalysts for aromatic hydroxylationKumari S.; Muthuramalingam S.; Dhara A.K.; Singh, Udai Pratap; Mayilmurugan R.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2021Designed pincer ligand supported Co(ii)-based catalysts for dehydrogenative activation of alcohols: Studies onN-alkylation of amines, α-alkylation of ketones and synthesis of quinolinesSingh A.; Maji A.; Joshi M.; Choudhury A.R.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2015Electron deficient nonplanar β-octachlorovanadylporphyrin as a highly efficient and selective epoxidation catalyst for olefinsKumar R.; Chaudhary N.; Sankar, Muniappan; Maurya, Mannar Ram
2015Electron deficient nonplanar β-octachlorovanadylporphyrin as a highly efficient and selective epoxidation catalyst for olefinsKumar R.; Chaudhary N.; Sankar, Muniappan; Maurya, Mannar Ram
2021Enhancing the barrier height for magnetization reversal in 4d/4f Ru III 2 L III 2 “butterfly” single molecule magnets (Ln = Gd, Dy)viatargeted structural alterationsSwain, Abinash Kumar; Martin R.; Vignesh K.R.; Rajaraman G.; Murray K.S.; Langley S.K.
2019Ferrocenyl palladacycles derived from unsymmetrical pincer-type ligands: Evidence of Pd(0) nanoparticle generation during the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction and applications in the direct arylation of thiazoles and isoxazolesMaji A.; Singh A.; Mohanty A.; Maji, Pradip K.; Ghosh, Kaushik
2019Ge(ii) cation catalyzed hydroboration of aldehydes and ketonesSinhababu S.; Singh D.; Sharma M.K.; Siwatch R.K.; Mahawar P.; Nagendran S.
2014Guanine-copper coordination polymers: Crystal analysis and application as thin film precursorsNagapradeep N.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Tripathi S.K.; Verma S.
2018Heterometallic 3d-4f single molecule magnets containing diamagnetic metal ionsChakraborty A.; Goura J.; Kalita P.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Rajaraman G.; Chandrasekhar V.
2017Highly reducible π-extended copper corrolesYadav P.; Sankar, Muniappan; Ke X.; Cong L.; Kadish K.M.