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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A DC-link Capacitor Voltage Based Open-Switch Fault Detection and Identification Scheme for Four-Level π-Type InverterSonandkar S.; Selvaraj R.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj
2021Damping Improvement of a Large-scale Offshore Wind Farm Fed to a Multimachine Power System Using a Generalized Unified Power-Flow ControllerWang L.; Nguyen T.H.; Tseng C.-C.; Prokhorov A.V.; Mokhlis H.; Chua K.H.; Tripathy, Manoj
2010Detection and severity classification of rotor imbalance faults in induction machinesJain, Himanshu; Korkua S.; Lee W.-J.; Kwan C.
2021Evaluation of Summation Results of Injected Third-Order Harmonic Currents Produced by Micro Hydro Generators with Power-Electronics Converters Using a Probabilistic ApproachWang L.; Liu K.-H.; Tseng C.-C.; Prokhorov A.V.; Mokhlis H.; Huat C.K.; Tripathy, Manoj
2012Incipient turn fault detection and condition monitoring of induction machine using analytical wavelet transformSeshadrinath, Jeevanand; Singh B.; Panigrahi B.K.
2021Sizing and Design of High Torque Direct Drive PMSM for Battery Operated Harbor VesselTummakuri V.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj
2021Small-Signal Stability Analysis of a Grid-Connected Wind-Turbine Generator Based on Dynamic-Slip Induction GeneratorWang L.; Chang C.-H.; Tseng C.-C.; Prokhorov A.V.; Mokhlis H.; Huat C.K.; Tripathy, Manoj
2021Sub Synchronous Oscillation in Asynchronous Generators Serving to Wind and Hydro Power Systems - A ReviewMohale V.; Chelliah, Thanga Raj