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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A new approach for shell targeting of a heat exchanger networkGulyani B.B.; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash
2010Computationally efficient black-box modeling for feasibility analysisBanerjee I.; Pal, Siladitya; Maiti S.
2011Development of a new model for multiple effect evaporator systemKhanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash
2008Selection of optimal feed flow sequence for a multiple effect evaporator systemBhargava R.; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash; Ray A.K.
2008Simulation of flat falling film evaporator system for concentration of black liquorBhargava R.; Khanam, Shabina; Mohanty, Bikash; Ray A.K.