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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A numerical study of multicomponent mass diffusion and convection in porous pellets for the sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming and desorption processesRout K.R.; Solsvik J.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar; Jakobsen H.A.
2018Analysis of electroosmotic flow and Joule heating effect in a hydrophobic channelNayak, Ameeya Kumar; Haque A.; Weigand B.
2010Augmentation of heat transfer performance in coiled flow inverter vis-à-vis conventional heat exchangerMandal M.M.; Kumar, Vimal; Nigam K.D.P.
2008Bubble evolution through submerged orifice using smoothed particle hydrodynamics: Basic formulation and model validationDas A.K.; Das P.K.
2007Coiled flow inverter as a heat exchangerKumar, Vimal; Mridha M.; Gupta A.K.; Nigam K.D.P.
2015Continuous ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate at high temperature with cell recycle and in-situ recovery of ethanolKumar S.; Dheeran P.; Singh S.P.; Mishra I.M.; Adhikari D.K.
2021Design and development of high shear mixers: Fundamentals, applications and recent progressVashisth V.; Nigam K.D.P.; Kumar, Vimal
2007Effect of blockage on heat transfer from a cylinder to power law liquidsBharti, Ram Prakash; Chhabra R.P.; Eswaran V.
2006Effect of power-law index on critical parameters for power-law flow across an unconfined circular cylinderSivakumar P.; Bharti, Ram Prakash; Chhabra R.P.
2010Electroviscous effects in a Carreau liquid flowing through a cylindrical microfluidic contractionDavidson M.R.; Bharti, Ram Prakash; Harvie D.J.E.
2003Enzymatic degradation of poly (ε-caprolactone), poly (vinyl acetate) and their blends by lipasesSivalingam G.; Chattopadhyay, Sujay; Madras G.
2004Forced convection in cross flow of power law fluids over a tube bankMangadoddy N.; Bharti, Ram Prakash; Chhabra R.P.; Eswaran V.
2018Formation of fluid structures due to jet-jet and jet-sheet interactionsSoni A.; Sanjay V.; Das, Arup Kumar
2011Hydrodynamics of lube oil-water flow through 180° return bendsSharma M.; Ravi P.; Ghosh, Sumana; Das G.; Das P.K.
2015Influence of cationic and non-ionic surfactants on the kinetics of mixed hydrogen/tetrahydrofuran hydratesVeluswamy, Hari Prakash; Ang W.J.; Zhao D.; Linga P.
2018Interface evolution of a liquid Taylor droplet during passage through a sudden contraction in a rectangular channelSudhakar T.; Das, Arup Kumar
2017Kinetic modeling for catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oils with VGO in a FCC unitNaik D.V.; Karthik V.; Kumar, Vimal; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Garg M.O.
2006Mixing in curved tubesKumar, Vimal; Aggarwal M.; Nigam K.D.P.
2017Multiphase fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in microchannelsKumar, Vimal; Vikash; Nigam K.D.P.
2020Numerical analysis of pre-dryout sequences through the route of interfacial evolution in annular gas-liquid two-phase flow with phase changeSilvi L.D.; Saha V; Chandraker D.K.; Ghosh S. ; Das A.K.