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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An alternative process for nitric oxide and hydrogen production using metal oxidesThengane, Sonal K.; Bandyopadhyay S.; Mitra S.; Bhattacharya S.; Hoadley A.
2014Catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oil oxygenates (aliphatic and aromatic) with vacuum gas oil and their characterizationNaik D.V.; Kumar, Vimal; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Behera B.; Atheya N.; Singh K.K.; Adhikari D.K.; Garg M.O.
2017Compartment model for a dual fluidized bed biomass gasifierArora, Pratham; Hoadley A.F.A.; Mahajani S.M.; Ganesh A.
2019COMSOL simulation and experimental validation of promoter geometries facilitating citric acid transport in electrodialysisChandra A.; Pathiwada D.; Chattopadhyay, Sujay
2019Development of generalized and simplified models for supercritical fluid extraction: Case study of papaya (Carica papaya) seed oilDevi V.; Khanam, Shabina
2015Formulation development, modeling and optimization of emulsification process using evolving RSM coupled hybrid ANN-GA frameworkKundu P.; Paul V.; Kumar, Vimal; Mishra I.M.
2018Modified approach of total site integration for energy conservation: A case study of sponge iron clusterRamanaiah V.; Khanam, Shabina
2018Performance analyses of LP and MILP solvers based on newly introduced scale: Case studies of water network problems in chemical processesSilori G.K.; Khanam, Shabina
2011Simulation of core annular in return bends-A comprehensive CFD studyGhosh, Sumana; Das G.; Das P.K.
2006Steady flow of power-law fluids across a square cylinderDhiman, Amit KumarK.; Chhabra R.P.; Eswaran V.
2016Supercritical water gasification of glycerol and methanol mixtures as model waste residues from biodiesel refineryReddy, Sivamohan N.; Nanda S.; Kozinski J.A.
2018Thermodynamic evaluation of chemical looping based nitric oxide and hydrogen productionThengane, Sonal K.; Hoadley A.; Bhattacharya S.; Mitra S.; Bandyopadhyay S.
2019Turbulent statistics of flow fields using large eddy simulations in batch high shear mixersVikash; Kumar, Vimal