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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A novel gellan-PVA nanofibrous scaffold for skin tissue regeneration: Fabrication and characterizationVashisth P.; Nikhil K.; Roy, Partha; Pruthi P.A.; Singh, Rajesh Pratap; Pruthi V.
2017Alginate coated chitosan core-shell nanoparticles for efficient oral delivery of naringenin in diabetic animals—An in vitro and in vivo approachMaity S.; Mukhopadhyay P.; Kundu, Patit Paban; Chakraborti A.S.
2021Anticoagulation and antibacterial properties of heparinized nanosilver with different morphologiesMeher M.K.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2013Bioconversion to chitosan: A two stage process employing chitin deacetylase from Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51Pareek N.; Vivekanand V.; Agarwal P.; Saroj S.; Singh, Rajesh Pratap
2013Blood compatible N-maleyl chitosan-graft-PAMAM copolymer for enhanced gene transfectionSarkar K.; Chatterjee A.; Chakraborti G.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2018Chitosan film incorporated with citric acid and glycerol as an active packaging material for extension of green chilli shelf lifePriyadarshi R.; Sauraj; Kumar B.; Negi, Yuvraj Singh
2019Chitosan-Fe-Al-Mn metal oxyhydroxides composite as highly efficient fluoride scavenger for aqueous mediumChaudhary M.; Rawat S.; Jain N.; Bhatnagar A.; Maiti, Abhijit
2016Development of biomimetic nanocomposites as bone extracellular matrix for human osteoblastic cellsBhowmick A.; Mitra T.; Gnanamani A.; Das M.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2003Effect of alcoholic, glycolic, and polyester resin additives on the gelation of dilute solution (1%) of methylcelluloseKundu, Patit Paban; Kundu M.; Sinha M.; Choe S.; Chattopadhayay D.
2006Effects of degree of deacetylation and cross-linking on physical characteristics, swelling and release behavior of chitosan microspheresGupta, Kailash Chandra; Jabrail F.H.
2017Energy efficient facile extraction process of cellulose nanofibres and their dimensional characterization using light scattering techniquesYadav C.; Saini A.; Maji, Pradip K.
2019Esterified superhydrophobic nanofibrillated cellulose based aerogel for oil spill treatmentChhajed M.; Yadav C.; Agrawal A.K.; Maji, Pradip K.
2019Microwave assisted κ-carrageenan capped silver nanocomposites for eradication of bacterial biofilmsGoel A.; Meher M.K.; Gupta P.; Gulati K.; Pruthi V.; Poluri, Krishna Mohan
2017Modified bacterial cellulose based self-healable polyeloctrolyte film for wound dressing applicationKhamrai M.; Banerjee S.L.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2016Multifunctional zirconium oxide doped chitosan based hybrid nanocomposites as bone tissue engineering materialsBhowmick A.; Jana P.; Pramanik N.; Mitra T.; Banerjee S.L.; Gnanamani A.; Das M.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2013PAMAM conjugated chitosan through naphthalimide moiety for enhanced gene transfection efficiencySarkar K.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2014PH sensitive N-succinyl chitosan grafted polyacrylamide hydrogel for oral insulin deliveryMukhopadhyay P.; Sarkar K.; Bhattacharya S.; Bhattacharyya A.; Mishra R.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2018pH-responsive prodrug nanoparticles based on xylan-curcumin conjugate for the efficient delivery of curcumin in cancer therapySauraj; Kumar S.U.; Kumar V.; Priyadarshi R.; Gopinath, Packirisamy; Negi, Yuvraj Singh
2020Polyacrylamide stabilized alkenyl succinic anhydride emulsion as sizing agent for various cellulosic pulps and fillersKumar A.; Bhardwaj N.K.; Singh S.P.
2016Preparation of guar gum scaffold film grafted with ethylenediamine and fish scale collagen, cross-linked with ceftazidime for wound healing applicationJana P.; Mitra T.; Selvaraj T.K.R.; Gnanamani A.; Kundu, Patit Paban