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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of viscosity-temperature behaviour of karanja oil trimethylolpropane ester bio-lubricant base stockSharma U.C.; Sachan S.; Sinha, Shishir N.
2011Effect of titanate coupling agent on mechanical properties of rice husk polypropylene compositesKumar V.; Sinha, Shishir N.; Saini M.S.; Kanungo B.K.
2007Electrical transport in terbium-iron-transition metal mixed oxidesSingh U.P.; Thakur A.N.; Singh S.V.; Kumar S.C.
2009In-vitro release of metformin hydrochloride from films of chitosan-methylcellulose blendsKumari K.; Sharma C.; Kundu, Patit Paban
2009Li(i=1-3) sub-shell X-ray relative intensities for some elementsKumar A.; Chauhan Y.; Puri S.
2006Magnetic study of cerium-iron-transition metal mixed compoundsThakur A.N.; Singh S.V.; Singh U.P.; Yadav S.K.; Maurya K.C.; Vishwakarma S.C.; Singh O.P.
2009Measurements of L1 and L2 subshell fluorescence yields for Dy at 22.6 ke V incident photon energyKumar A.; Puri S.
2010Metal dihydrazide precursors as building blocks for new macrocyclic architectures with tetradentate octaaza dibasic ligandsRai H.C.; Priyanka; Kumar R.; Kumar A.
2010Reaction of 4-amino-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-one with some carboxylic acid anhydrides and their antiinflammatory activitySingh R.J.; Singh D.K.
2010Syntheses, characterization and antimicrobial activity of some substituted 1,2,4-triazole derivativesSingh R.J.; Singh D.K.