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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A memory-based Grey Wolf Optimizer for global optimization tasksGupta S.; Deep, K.
2016A multilevel color image segmentation technique based on cuckoo search algorithm and energy curvePare S.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2016A new membrane algorithm using the rules of Particle Swarm Optimization incorporated within the framework of cell-like P-systems to solve SudokuSingh G.; Deep, K.
2016A package-SFERCB-"Segmentation, feature extraction, reduction and classification analysis by both SVM and ANN for brain tumors"Sachdeva J.; Kumar V.; Gupta, Indra; Khandelwal N.; Ahuja C.K.
2012Adaptive neural controller for cooperative multiple robot manipulator system manipulating a single rigid objectPanwar V.; Kumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Borm J.-H.
2020An efficient equilibrium optimizer with mutation strategy for numerical optimizationGupta S.; Deep, K.; Mirjalili S.
2017An efficient method for multilevel color image thresholding using cuckoo search algorithm based on minimum cross entropyPare S.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2012An evolutionary multi-objective framework for business process optimisationVergidis K.; Saxena, Dhish Kumar; Tiwari A.
2011An improved closed form design method for the cosine modulated filter banks using windowing techniqueKumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Anand, Radhey Shyam
2018An integrated approach to bearing prognostics based on EEMD-multi feature extraction, Gaussian mixture models and Jensen-Rényi divergenceRai A.; Upadhyay, Sanjay H.
2008Comparison of particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm for FACTS-based controller designPanda S.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad
2013Design of nearly perfect reconstructed non-uniform filter bank by constrained equiripple FIR techniqueKumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Anurag S.
2020Energy load time-series forecast using decomposition and autoencoder integrated memory networkBedi J.; Toshniwal, Durga
2011Fault diagnosis of ball bearings using continuous wavelet transformKankar P.K.; Sharma, Satish Chandra; Harsha, Suraj Prakash
2008Fuzzy neural network based voltage stability evaluation of power systems with SVCModi P.K.; Singh, Sajjanpal; Sharma J.D.
2016Multi area AGC scheme using imperialist competition algorithm in restructured power systemKumar N.; Kumar, Vishal Venkatesh; Tyagi, Barjeev
2015Multiresolution local binary pattern variants based texture feature extraction techniques for efficient classification of microscopic images of hardwood speciesYadav A.R.; Anand, Radhey Shyam; Dewal M.L.; Gupta S.
2008Predicting uncertain behavior of industrial system using FM-A practical caseSharma R.K.; Kumar D.; Kumar, Pradeep
2008Predicting uncertain behavior of industrial system using FM-A practical caseSharma R.K.; Kumar, Dinesh Senthil; Kumar P.
2016Prediction of ground motion parameters using randomized ANFIS (RANFIS)Thomas S.; Pillai, Gopinatha Nath; Pal K.; Jagtap P.