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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A general catalytic hydroamidation of 1,3-dienes: Atom-efficient synthesis of N-allyl heterocycles, amides, and sulfonamidesBanerjee, Debasis; Junge K.; Beller M.
2019Aliphatic Radical Relay Heck Reaction at Unactivated C(sp 3 )−H Sites of AlcoholsChuentragool P.; Yadagiri, Dongari; Morita T.; Sarkar S.; Parasram M.; Wang Y.; Gevorgyan V.
2020Chemoselective N-Alkylation of Indoles in Aqueous MicrodropletsGnanamani, Elumalai; Yan X.; Zare R.N.
2017Controlling Regioselectivity in the Enantioselective N-Alkylation of Indole Analogues Catalyzed by Dinuclear Zinc-ProPhenolTrost B.M.; Gnanamani, Elumalai; Hung C.-I.J.
2014Convenient and mild epoxidation of alkenes using heterogeneous cobalt oxide catalystsBanerjee, Debasis; Jagadeesh R.V.; Junge K.; Pohl M.-M.; Radnik J.; Brückner A.; Beller M.
2014Cooperative catalysis by palladium and a chiral phosphoric acid: Enantioselective amination of racemic allylic alcoholsBanerjee, Debasis; Junge K.; Beller M.
2011Determination of the conformation of the 2′OH group in RNA by NMR spectroscopy and DFT calculationsNozinovic S.; Gupta, Puneet; Fürtig B.; Richter C.; Tüllmann S.; Duchardt-Ferner E.; Holthausen M.C.; Schwalbe H.
2010Direct formation of mesoporous coesite single crystals from periodic mesoporous silica at extreme pressureMohanty, Paritosh; Ortalan V.; Browning N.D.; Arslan I.; Fei Y.; Landskron K.
2012Efficient and convenient palladium-catalyzed amination of allylic alcohols with N-heterocyclesBanerjee, Debasis; Jagadeesh R.V.; Junge K.; Junge H.; Beller M.
2015Formation of Ruthenium Carbenes by gem-Hydrogen Transfer to Internal Alkynes: Implications for Alkyne trans-HydrogenationLeutzsch M.; Wolf L.M.; Gupta, Puneet; Fuchs M.; Thiel W.; Farès C.; Fürstner A.
2017Hydroxy-Directed Ruthenium-Catalyzed Alkene/Alkyne Coupling: Increased Scope, Stereochemical Implications, and Mechanistic RationaleRummelt S.M.; Cheng G.-J.; Gupta, Puneet; Thiel W.; Fürstner A.
2019Modulation of Higher-order Behaviour in Model Protocell Communities by Artificial PhagocytosisRodríguez-Arco L.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Li M.; Patil A.J.; Mann S.
2018Observation of Carbodicarbene Ligand Redox Noninnocence in Highly Oxidized Iron ComplexesChan S.-C.; Gupta, Puneet; Engelmann X.; Ang Z.Z.; Ganguly R.; Bill E.; Ray K.; Ye S.; England J.
2016Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydroarylation and One-Pot Twofold Unsymmetrical C−H Functionalization of ArenesGhosh, Kaushik; Rit R.K.; Ramesh E.; Sahoo A.K.
2018Slow Magnetic Relaxation and Single-Molecule Toroidal Behaviour in a Family of Heptanuclear {CrIIILnIII6} (Ln=Tb, Ho, Er) ComplexesVignesh K.R.; Langley S.K.; Swain, Abinash Kumar; Moubaraki B.; Damjanović M.; Wernsdorfer W.; Rajaraman G.; Murray K.S.
2014Supramolecular gating of ion transport in nanochannelsKumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Rao K.V.; Sampath S.; George S.J.; Eswaramoorthy M.