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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A cerium(III) selective polyvinyl chloride membrane sensor based on a Schiff base complex of N,N′-bis[2-(salicylideneamino)ethyl]ethane-1,2-diamineGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
2006A cobalt(II)-selective PVC membrane based on a Schiff base complex of N,N′-bis(salicylidene)-3,4-diaminotolueneGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Mehtab S.; Gupta B.
2007Chromium(III) selective membrane sensors based on Schiff bases as chelating ionophoresSingh A.K.; Gupta V.K.; Gupta B.
2001Effect of concentration of ion exchanger, plasticizer and molecular weight of cyanocopolymers on selectivity and sensitivity of Cu(II) ion selective electrodesGupta K.C.; Jeanne D'Arc M.
2015Fabrication of novel coated pyrolytic graphite electrodes for the selective nano-level monitoring of Cd2+ ions in biological and environmental samples using polymeric membrane of newly synthesized macrocycleSahani M.K.; Singh A.K.; Jain A.K.; Upadhyay A.; Kumar A.; Singh U.P.; Narang S.
2004Liquid-liquid extraction and recovery of indium using Cyanex 923Gupta B.; Deep A.; Malik P.
2007Neutral carriers based polymeric membrane electrodes for selective determination of mercury (II)Gupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Al Khayat M.; Gupta B.
2007Schiff bases as cadmium(II) selective ionophores in polymeric membrane electrodesGupta V.K.; Singh A.K.; Gupta B.
1985Spectrophotometric determination of cobalt(II) based on the ion-pair of tetrathiocyanatocobaltate(II) with neotetrazolium chlorideSingh A.K.; Kumar D.; Katyal M.