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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Conformationally rigid chiral bicyclic skeleton-tethered bipyridine N,N'-dioxide as organocatalyst: Asymmetric ring opening of meso-epoxidesGnanamani, Elumalai; Someshwar N.; Sanjeevi J.; Ramanathan C.R.
2012Conformationally rigid chiral pyridine N-oxides as organocatalyst: Asymmetric allylation of aldehydesGnanamani, Elumalai; Someshwar N.; Ramanathan C.R.
2020Photocatalytical and Photochemical Generation of Imidoyl Radicals: Synthetic ApplicationsSharma S.; Pandey A.P.; Sharma A.
2020Synthesis of Benzothiazoles via Photooxidative Decarboxylation of α-Keto AcidsMonga A.; Bagchi S.; Soni R.K.; Sharma A.
2021Visible Light Mediated Synthesis of OxindolesSingh J.; Sharma A.
2021Visible Light-Induced Synthesis of Functionalized CoumarinsSingh J.; Sharma A.