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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Investigation on the production and isolation of 149,150,151Tb from 12C irradiated natural praseodymium targetMaiti M.; Lahiri S.; Tomar B.S.
2015Measurement of yield of residues produced in 12C+natY reaction and subsequent separation of 97Ru from y target using cation exchange resinMaiti M.; Lahiri S.
2018Online chemical adsorption studies of Hg, Tl, and Pb on SiO2 and Au surfaces in preparation for chemical investigations on Cn, Nh, and Fl at TASCALens L.; Yakushev A.; DÃllmann C.E.; Asai M.; Ballof J.; Block M.; David H.M.; Despotopulos J.; Di Nitto A.; Eberhardt K.; Even J.; GÃtz M.; GÃtz S.; Haba H.; Harkness-Brennan L.; Heßberger F.P.; Herzberg R.D.; Hoffmann J.; HÃbner A
2013Production and separation of 97Ru and coproduced 95Tc from 12C-induced reaction on yttrium targetMaiti M.
2011Production and separation of 97Ru from 7Li activated natural niobiumMaiti M.; Lahiri S.
2009Production and separation of no-carrier-added93,94,95Tc from9Be activated yttrium targetMaiti M.; Lahiri S.
2012Recent developments in nuclear data measurements and chemical separation methods in accelerator production of astatine and technetium radionuclidesLahiri S.; Maiti M.
2017Separation of 195(m,g),197mHg from bulk gold target by liquid-liquid extraction using hydrophobic ionic liquidsGhosh K.; Maiti M.; Lahiri S.