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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Biodegradation of nanocrystalline cellulose by two environmentally-relevant consortiaSingh, Gargi; Chandoha-Lee C.; Zhang W.; Renneckar S.; Vikesland P.J.; Pruden A.
2002Biomimetic oxo-, dioxo- and oxo-peroxo-hydrazonato-vanadium(IV/V) complexesMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khurana S.; Zhang W.; Rehder D.
2017Exploring the dynamics of surge pricing in mobility-on-demZhang W.; Kumar, Dheeraj Satheesh; Ukkusuri S.V.; Nie J.-Y.; Obradovic Z.; Suzumura T.; Ghosh R.; Nambiar R.; Wang C.; Zang H.; Baeza-Yates R.; Baeza-Yates R.; Hu X.; Kepner J.; Cuzzocrea A.; Tang J.; Toyoda M.
2021Plant-based nanocellulose: A review of routine and recent preparation methods with current progress in its applications as rheology modifier and 3D bioprintingYadav C.; Saini A.; Zhang W.; You X.; Chauhan I.; Mohanty, Paritosh; Li X.
2003Synthesis, characterisation and antiamoebic studies of dioxovanadium(v) complexes containing ONS donor ligands derived from S-benzyldithiocarbazateMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khurana S.; Shailendra; Azam A.; Zhang W.; Rehder D.
2002Vanadium(IV/V) complexes containing [VO]2+, [VO]3+, [VO2]+ and [VO(O2)]+ cores with ligands derived from 2-acetylpyridine and S-benzyl- or S-methyldithiocarbazateMaurya, Mannar Ram; Khurana S.; Zhang W.; Rehder D.