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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Angle-differential Stokes parameters for spin-polarized electron-impact excitation of the Hg 6s6p 3P1 state at 25-eV scattering energyJüttemann F.; Hanne G.F.; Zatsarinny O.; Bartschat K.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Gangwar R.K.; Stauffer A.D.
2017LXCat: an Open-Access, Web-Based Platform for Data Needed for Modeling Low Temperature PlasmasPitchford L.C.; Alves L.L.; Bartschat K.; Biagi S.F.; Bordage M.-C.; Bray I.; Brion C.E.; Brunger M.J.; Campbell L.; Chachereau A.; Chaudhury B.; Christophorou L.G.; Carbone E.; Dyatko N.A.; Franck C.M.; Fursa D.V.; Gangwar R.K.; Guerra V.; Haefliger P.; Hagelaar G.J.M.; Hoesl A.; Itikawa Y.; Kochetov I.V.; McEachran R.P.; Morgan W.L.; Napartovich A.P.; Puech V.; Rabie M.; Sharma, Lalita; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.; Tennyson J.; de Urquijo J.; van Dijk J.; Viehland L.A.; Zammit M.C.; Zatsarinny O.; Pancheshnyi S.
2009Near-infrared collisional radiative model for Xe plasma electrostatic thrusters: The role of metastable atomsDressler R.A.; Chiu Y.-H.; Zatsarinny O.; Bartschat K.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Sharma, Lalita
2015Polarization correlations for electron-impact excitation of neon at 50 eVHargreaves L.R.; Wright R.; Khakoo M.A.; Zatsarinny O.; Bartschat K.; Dipti; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.
2009Spin-asymmetry function for elastic electron scattering from lead atoms in the energy range 11-14 eVHamelbeck V.; Hanne G.F.; Zatsarinny O.; Bartschat K.; Gangwar R.K.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2011Unexpected effects in spin-polarized electron-impact excitation of the (3d104s5s)3S1 state in zincPravica L.; Williams J.F.; Cvejanović D.; Samarin S.; Bartschat K.; Zatsarinny O.; Stauffer A.D.; Srivastava, Rajesh