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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992A comparison of two structural forms of α,α-5, 15-bis(o-nicotinoylamidophenyl)-2,8,12,18-tetraethyl-3,7,13,17-tetramethylporphyrinato nickel(II)Keith Woo L.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Jacobson R.A.; Yang S.; Ringrose S.L.
2011A quantitative model for stabilization effect induced by ferroelectric agingBao H.; Xue D.; Wang Y.; Gao J.; Zhang L.; Yang S.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Ren X.
2019DNA-based communication in populations of synthetic protocellsJoesaar A.; Yang S.; Bögels B.; van der Linden A.; Pieters P.; Kumar, B. V.V.S.Pavan; Dalchau N.; Phillips A.; Mann S.; de Greef T.F.A.
2020Environmental magnetic characterization of the Alaknanda and Ramganga river sediments, Ganga basin, IndiaPanwar S.; Yang S.; Srivastava P.; Khan M.Y.A.; Sangode S.J.; Chakrapani, Govind Joseph
1992Mono-and dinuclear complexes of a new binucleating porphyrin, α,α-5, 15-bis(o-(nicotinoylamino)phenyl)-2, 8, 12, 18-tetraethyl-3, 7, 13, 17-tetramethylporphyrin. Crystal structures of a mononuclear nickel(II) complex and a binuclear copper-platinum complexWoo L.K.; Maurya, Mannar Ram; Jacobson R.A.; Yang S.; Ringrose S.L.
2013Three-dimensional metal- Graphene- Nanotube multifunctional hybrid materialsYan Z.; Ma L.; Zhu Y.; Lahiri, Indranil; Hahm M.G.; Liu Z.; Yang S.; Xiang C.; Lu W.; Peng Z.; Sun Z.; Kittrell C.; Lou J.; Choi W.; Ajayan P.M.; Tour J.M.