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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An H-plane multi-horn antenna using substrate integrated waveguide techniqueNayak A.K.; Yadav V.S.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2021Broadband THz Absorber for Large Inclination Angle TE and TM WavesYadav V.S.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh; Patnaik, Amalendu
2021Design and Testing of a Broadband Microstrip Line-Empty SIW Transition for 5G ApplicationsNayak A.K.; Yadav V.S.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2021Fatigue Crack Initiation and Life Prediction of Rail Weldment Under the Effect of Vertical and Lateral Load Conditions in Indian RailwaysSen P.K.; Bhiwapurkar M.; Harsha, Suraj Prakash; Agrawal R.; Jain J.K.; Yadav V.S.; Manupati V.K.; Varela L.
2020Prospective Design of Dual Band Graphene-Based Patch Antenna for Mid-THz BandYadav V.S.; Kumar Nayak A.; Kulshrestha S.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh; Patnaik, Amalendu
2019Prospective design of graphene-based patch antenna with proximity feed for mid-THz bandYadav V.S.; Kulshreshtha S.; Kaushik B.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2021Reflective Type Linear to Circular Polarization Converter Using Metasurface over a Wide Frequency BandYadav V.S.; Nayak A.K.; Kaushik B.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2021Substrate Integrated Slab Waveguide and Broadband Transition from CPWNayak A.K.; Yadav V.S.; Patnaik, Amalendu