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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A comparative study of full and partial textured hybrid orifice compensated circular thrust pad bearing systemSharma S.C.; Yadav S.K.
2018A direct numerical approach to compute the nonlinear rotordynamic coefficient of the noncircular gas journal bearingYadav S.K.; Rajput A.K.; Ram N.; Sharma S.C.
2018A novel technique to compute static and dynamic performance characteristics of aerostatic thrust bearingYadav S.K.; Rajput A.K.; Ram N.; Sharma S.C.
2013Adsorption study of lead(II) onto xanthated date palm trunk: kinetics, isotherm and mechanismYadav S.K.; Singh D.K.; Sinha S.
2016Adsorptive Removal of Hg(II) from Synthetic and Real Aqueous Solutions Using Modified Papaya SeedYadav S.K.; Singh D.K.; Sinha S.
2008An experimental study of dissolution kinetics of Calcite, Dolomite, Leucogranite and Gneiss in buffered solutions at temperature 25 and 5°CYadav S.K.; Chakrapani G.J.; Gupta M.K.
2017Analysis of orifice compensated four pocket geometric irregular misaligned journal bearingRajput A.K.; Yadav S.K.; Sharma S.C.; Korsunsky A.M.; Hunter A.; Gelman L.; Ao S.I.; Hukins D.WL.
2014Chemical carbonization of papaya seed originated charcoals for sorption of Pb(II) from aqueous solutionYadav S.K.; Singh D.K.; Sinha S.
2009Chemical weathering rates in the Alaknanda-Bhagirathi river basins in Himalayas, IndiaChakrapani G.J.; Saini R.K.; Yadav S.K.
2015Chromium(VI) removal from aqueous solution and industrial wastewater by modified date palm trunkYadav S.K.; Sinha S.; Singh D.K.
2006Dissolution kinetics of rock-water interactions and its implicationsYadav S.K.; Chakrapani G.J.
2017Effect of geometrical irregularities on the performance of a misaligned hybrid journal bearing compensated with membrane restrictorRajput A.K.; Yadav S.K.; Sharma S.C.
2019Elastohydrostatic simulation of thrust bearing Compensated with orifice restrictor operation with non-Newtonian lubricantYadav S.K.; Ram N.; Sharma S.C.; Thakur L.; Misra J.P.
2013Electrochemical investigations of mometasone furoate, a topical corticosteroid, in micellar mediumGoyal R.N.; Kaur D.; Agrawal B.; Yadav S.K.
2015Fatigue crack growth simulations of 3-D linear elastic cracks under thermal load by XFEMPathak H.; Singh A.; Singh I.V.; Yadav S.K.
2016Finite element analysis of tilted thrust pad bearings of various recesses shapes considering thrust pad flexibilityYadav S.K.; Sharma S.C.
2011Geochemistry, dissolved elemental flux rates, and dissolution kinetics of lithologies of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers in Himalayas, IndiaYadav S.K.; Chakrapani G.J.
2015Influence of tilt on the performance of circular thrust pad bearing of various recess shapesSharma S.C.; Yadav S.K.
2015LQR-based TS-fuzzy logic controller design for inverted pendulum-coupled cart systemSharma B.; Tyagi B.; Vijay V.V.; Adhikari B.; Seshadri H.; Fulwani D.K.; Yadav S.K.
2006Magnetic study of cerium-iron-transition metal mixed compoundsThakur A.N.; Singh S.V.; Singh U.P.; Yadav S.K.; Maurya K.C.; Vishwakarma S.C.; Singh O.P.