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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Analysis of Error in Convolution Algorithm for Tomography in Discrete SpacesYadav N.; Srivastava, Tanuja
2015Artificial neural network technique for solution of nonlinear elliptic boundary value problemsYadav N.; Yadav A.; Deep, K.
2016Convolution backprojection algorithm for tomographic image reconstruction with contourlet transformYadav N.; Srivastava, Tanuja
2015Error estimation of discrete convolution back projection for discrete Radon transformSrivastava, Tanuja; Yadav N.
2019Keyframes and shot boundaries: The attributes of scene segmentation and classificationKumar N.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Bansal J.C.; Kim J.H.; Yadav A.; Deep K.; Yadav N.
2013Local and global tomographic image reconstruction with discrete radon transformYadav N.; Srivastava, Tanuja; Bala G.J.; Hemanth D.J.; Jeyasingh R.
2013On image reconstruction algorithms with discrete radon transformSrivastava, Tanuja; Yadav N.
2013Studying the properties and response of a large volume (946 cm3) LaBr3:Ce detector with γ-rays up to 22.5 MeVMazumdar I.; Gothe D.A.; Anil Kumar, G.; Yadav N.; Chavan P.B.; Patel S.M.