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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of temperature effect on optimum sizing of solar photovoltaic water pumping systemRenu; Bora B.; Yadav K.; Bangar M.; Kumar A.; Sastry O.S.
2021Antimagnetic rotation and role of gradual neutron alignment in 103PdDeo, A. Y.; Yadav K.; Madhu; Tandel S.K.; Kumar R.
2015Effect of series resistance on degradation of isc, power output and fill factor of HIT technologySingh R.; Bora B.; Yadav K.; Sastry O.S.; Kumar M.; Kumar A.; Renu; Bangar M.; Rai S.; Kumar A.
2018Five- and seven-level inhomogeneously broadened Ξ systems with mismatched wavelengths and polarization effectsYadav K.; Wasan, Ajay
2015Modeling the performance of HIT technology for composite climatic zone of IndiaRai S.; Bora B.; Sastry O.S.; Bangar M.; Singh Y.K.; Kumar A.; Yadav K.; Kumar M.; Singh R.; Renu; Kumar A.
2015Performance comparison of controllers for solar PV water pumping applicationsYadav K.; Sastry O.S.; Wandhare R.; Sheth N.; Kumar M.; Bora B.; Singh R.; Renu; Kumar A.
2019Polarization dependence of the optical properties in a Ξ system with an external magnetic fieldYadav K.; Wasan, Ajay
2018Study of coherence effects in a four-level Ξ-Λ Type systemYadav K.; Wasan, Ajay
2017Sub-luminal and super-luminal light propagation in inverted-Y system with wavelength mismatching effectsYadav K.; Wasan, Ajay
2019Switching from EIT to EIA in a four-level N-type atomic systemYadav K.; Wasan, Ajay
2019Switching from sub- to superluminal light in a Y-type atomic system using wavelength mismatchingYadav K.; Wasan, Ajay