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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Auxin metabolic network regulates the plant response to metalloids stressSingh H.; Bhat J.A.; Singh V.P.; Corpas F.J.; Yadav, Shri Ram
2011Auxin-responsive OsMGH3, a common downstream target of OsMADS1 and OsMADS6, controls rice floret fertilityYadav, Shri Ram; Khanday I.; Majhi B.B.; Veluthambi K.; Vijayraghavan U.
2011Callose Biosynthesis Regulates Symplastic Trafficking during Root DevelopmentVatén A.; Dettmer J.; Wu S.; Stierhof Y.-D.; Miyashima S.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Roberts C.J.; Campilho A.; Bulone V.; Lichtenberger R.; Lehesranta S.; Mähönen A.P.; Kim J.-Y.; Jokitalo E.; Sauer N.; Scheres B.; Nakajima K.; Carlsbecker A.; Gallag
2014CHOLINE TRANSPORTER-LIKE1 is required for sieve plate development to mediate long-distance cell-to-cell communicationDettmer J.; Ursache R.; Campilho A.; Miyashima S.; Belevich I.; O'Regan S.; Mullendore D.L.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Lanz C.; Beverina L.; Papagni A.; Schneeberger K.; Weigel D.; Stierhof Y.-D.; Moritz T.; Knoblauch M.; Jokitalo E.; Helariutta Y.
2007Divergent regulatory OsMADS2 functions control size, shape and differentiation of the highly derived rice floret second-whorl organYadav, Shri Ram; Prasad K.; Vijayraghavan U.
2021Dynamic cytokinin signaling and function of auxin in cytokinin responsive domains during rice crown root developmentNeogy A.; Singh Z.; Mushahary K.K.K.; Yadav, Shri Ram
2019Genome-Wide Transcript Profiling Reveals an Auxin-Responsive Transcription Factor, OsAP2/ERF-40, Promoting Rice Adventitious Root DevelopmentNeogy A.; Garg T.; Kumar A.; Dwivedi A.K.; Singh H.; Singh U.; Singh Z.; Prasad K.; Jain M.; Yadav, Shri Ram
2016Multisite gateway-compatible cell type-specific gene-inducible system for plantsSiligato R.; Wang X.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Lehesranta S.; Ma G.; Ursache R.; Sevilem I.; Zhang J.; Gorte M.; Prasad K.; Wrzaczek M.; Heidstra R.; Murphy A.; Scheres B.; Mähönen A.P.
2017OsMADS1/OsLHS1: Diversified regulatory functions in ensuring transition and completion of sexual reproduction in riceYadav, Shri Ram; Kumar A.; Neogy A.; Garg T.
2019Photocatalytic Degradation of Bisphenol-A using N, Co Codoped TiO2 Catalyst under Solar LightGarg A.; Singhania T.; Singh A.; Sharma S.; Rani S.; Neogy A.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Sangal V.K.; Garg N.
2014Plant development. Arabidopsis NAC45/86 direct sieve element morphogenesis culminating in enucleation.Furuta K.M.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Lehesranta S.; Belevich I.; Miyashima S.; Heo J.O.; Vatén A.; Lindgren O.; De Rybel B.; Van Isterdael G.; Somervuo P.; Lichtenberger R.; Rocha R.; Thitamadee S.; Tähtiharju S.; Auvinen P.; Beeckman T.; Jokitalo E.
2014Plasmodesmata-mediated intercellular signaling during plant growth and developmentYadav, Shri Ram; Yan D.; Sevilem I.; Helariutta Y.
2015Plasmodesmata: Channels for intercellular signaling during plant growth and developmentSevilem I.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Helariutta Y.
2019Sphingolipid biosynthesis modulates plasmodesmal ultrastructure and phloem unloadingYan D.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Paterlini A.; Nicolas W.J.; Petit J.D.; Brocard L.; Belevich I.; Grison M.S.; Vaten A.; Karami L.; el-Showk S.; Lee J.-Y.; Murawska G.M.; Mortimer J.; Knoblauch M.; Jokitalo E.; Markham J.E.; Bayer E.M.; Helariutta Y.
2021State-of-the-Art in CRISPR Technology and Engineering Drought, Salinity, and Thermo-tolerant crop plantsChennakesavulu K.; Singh H.; Trivedi P.K.; Jain M.; Yadav, Shri Ram
2013The Plant Vascular System: Evolution, Development and FunctionsLucas W.J.; Groover A.; Lichtenberger R.; Furuta K.; Yadav, Shri Ram; Helariutta Y.; He X.-Q.; Fukuda H.; Kang J.; Brady S.M.; Patrick J.W.; Sperry J.; Yoshida A.; López-Millán A.-F.; Grusak M.A.; Kachroo P.
2020Tissue-specific expression pattern of calcium-dependent protein kinases-related kinases (CRKs) in riceYadav A.; Garg T.; Singh H.; Yadav, Shri Ram