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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A hybrid approach using AHP-TOPSIS for analyzing e-SCM performanceTyagi M.; Kumar, Pradeep; Kumar D.; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.
2014Finishing of bevel gears using abrasive flow machiningVenkatesh G.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Singh N.; Kumar, Pradeep; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.
2014Modelling rural healthcare supply chain in India using system dynamicsKumar D.; Kumar D.; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.
2014Monte Carlo simulation based approach to manage risks in operational networks in green supply chainMangla S.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Barua, Mukesh Kumar; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.
2018Online monitoring of delamination mechanisms in drilling of Mwcnts reinforced Gfrp nanocomposites by acoustic emissionKumar, Praveen KishoreK.; Kuppan P.; Joel J.; Xavior M.A.; Jeyapandiarajan P.; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.
2014Reliability analysis of CHU system of coal fired thermal power plant using fuzzy δ-τ ApproachPanchal D.; Kumar D.; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.
2014Sliding wear properties of jute fabric reinforced polypropylene compositesYallew T.B.; Kumar, Pradeep; Singh, Inderdeep; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.