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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Coexistence and competition of magnetism and superconductivity on the nanometer scale in underdoped BaFe1.89Co0.11As2Marsik P.; Kim K.W.; Dubroka A.; Rössle M.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Schulz L.; Wang C.N.; Niedermayer Ch.; Drew A.J.; Willis M.; Wolf T.; Bernhard C.
2010Evidence for multiple superconducting gaps in optimally doped BaFe 1.87Co0.13 As2 from infrared spectroscopyKim K.W.; Rössle M.; Dubroka A.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Wolf T.; Bernhard C.
2011Evidence of a precursor superconducting phase at temperatures as high as 180 K in RBa2Cu3O7-δ (R=Y,Gd,Eu) superconducting crystals from infrared spectroscopyDubroka A.; Rössle M.; Kim K.W.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Munzar D.; Basov D.N.; Schafgans A.A.; Moon S.J.; Lin C.T.; Haug D.; Hinkov V.; Keimer B.; Wolf T.; Storey J.G.; Tallon J.L.; Bernhard C.
2010Pseudogap and precursor superconductivity in underdoped cuprate high temperature superconductors: A far-infrared ellipsometry studyDubroka A.; Yu L.; Munzar D.; Kim K.W.; Rössle M.; Malik, Vivek K.K.; Lin C.T.; Keimer B.; Wolf T.; Bernhard C.