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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A critical analysis to generate change detection map using SAR interferometry for land subsidence monitoring of new orleans city of USAChamundeeswari V.V.; Singh D.; Singh K.; Wiesbeck W.
2004A magnetron-like interaction structure for Gyro-TWTsSingh G.; Basu B.N.; Kartikeyan M.V.; Thumm M.; Thumm M.; Wiesbeck W.
2003Analysis of Multi-Frequency Polarimetric Data for Assessment of Bare Soil RoughnessBen Khadhra K.; Singh D.; Boerner T.; Hounam D.; Wiesbeck W.
2004Feasibility of a 140 GHz, 3.0-3.5 MW, CW coaxial gyrotron with dual beam outputKartikeyan M.V.; Piosczyk B.; Thumm M.; Thumm M.; Wiesbeck W.
2008Monitoring and change detection of natural disaster (like subsidence) using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) dataSingh D.; Vv C.; Singh K.; Wiesbeck W.