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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202060 years of glacier elevation and mass changes in the Maipo River Basin, central Andes of ChileFarías-Barahona D.; Ayala A.; Bravo C.; Vivero S.; Seehaus T.; Vijay, Saurabh; Schaefer M.; Buglio F.; Casassa G.; Braun M.H.
2018Automatic delineation of debris-covered glaciers using InSAR coherence derived from X-, C- and L-band radar data: A case study of Yazgyl GlacierLippl S.; Vijay, Saurabh; Braun M.
2020Characterization of the 2008 Phreatomagmatic Eruption of Okmok From ArcticDEM and InSAR: Deposition, Erosion, and DeformationDai C.; Howat I.M.; Freymueller J.T.; Vijay, Saurabh; Jia Y.
2018Early 21st century spatially detailed elevation changes of Jammu and Kashmir glaciers (Karakoram–Himalaya)Vijay, Saurabh; Braun M.
2016Elevation change rates of glaciers in the Lahaul-Spiti (Western Himalaya, India) during 2000-2012 and 2012-2013Vijay, Saurabh; Braun M.
2015Four decades of glacier variations at Muztagh Ata (eastern Pamir): A multi-sensor study including Hexagon KH-9 and Pléiades dataHolzer N.; Vijay, Saurabh; Yao T.; Xu B.; Buchroithner M.; Bolch T.
2021Greenland ice-sheet wide glacier classification based on two distinct seasonal ice velocity behaviorsVijay, Saurabh; King M.D.; Howat I.M.; Solgaard A.M.; Khan S.A.; Noël B.
2019Ice dynamics of union glacier from SAR offset trackingGomez R.; Arigony-Neto J.; De Santis A.; Vijay, Saurabh; Jaña R.; Rivera A.
2019Resolving Seasonal Ice Velocity of 45 Greenlandic Glaciers With Very High Temporal DetailsVijay, Saurabh; Khan S.A.; Kusk A.; Solgaard A.M.; Moon T.; Bjørk A.A.
2017Seasonal and interannual variability of Columbia Glacier, Alaska (2011-2016): Ice Velocity, Mass Flux, surface elevation and front positionVijay, Saurabh; Braun M.
2017Seasonal-based analysis of vegetation response to environmental variables in the mountainous forests of western himalaya using landsat 8 dataKhare S.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Latifi H.; Vijay, Saurabh; Dahms T.
2021Surges of Harald Moltke Bræ, north-western Greenland: Seasonal modulation and initiation at the terminusMüller L.; Horwath M.; Scheinert M.; Mayer C.; Ebermann B.; Floricioiu D.; Krieger L.; Rosenau R.; Vijay, Saurabh