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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A facile method of synthesizing ammonia modified graphene oxide for efficient removal of uranyl ions from aqueous mediumVerma S.; Dutta, Raj Kumar
2017A revisit of NRCS-CN inspired models coupled with RS and GIS for runoff estimationVerma S.; Verma R.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Singh A.; Jayaraj G.K.
2020Activation soil moisture accounting (ASMA) for runoff estimation using soil conservation service curve number (SCS-CN) methodVerma S.; Singh P.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Singh V.P.; Singh V.; Singh A.
2011Adenine containing architectures from silver supported dimeric unitsVenkatesh, Varadhachari; Kumar J.; Verma S.
2014Adsorption Kinetics and Thermodynamics of COD Removal of Acid Pre-treated Petrochemical Wastewater by using Granular Activated CarbonVerma S.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Mishra I.M.
2015All Spin Logic: A Micromagnetic PerspectiveVerma S.; Murthy M.S.; Kumar Kaushik, Brajesh
2005An efficient technique for failure assessment in a distribution networkKansal, Mitthan Lal; Verma S.
2001Analysis and management of wheeling transactions based on Al technique under deregulated environment of power sectorSood Y.R.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Gupta H.O.; Verma S.
1994Angular correlation and differential cross sections in e-H(1 2S3 2P) excitationVerma S.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2009Angular momentum population in fragmentation reactionsBacelar A.M.D.; Bruce A.M.; Podolyák Z.; Lalkovski S.; Pietri S.; Al-Dahan N.; Górska M.; Algora A.; Alkhomashi N.; Benlliure J.; Boutachkov P.; Bracco A.; Calore E.; Casarejos E.; Cullen I.J.; Deo, A. Y.; Detistov P.; Dombradi Z.; Domingo-Pardo C.; Doncel M.; Farinon F.; Farrelly G.F.; Geissel H.; Gelletly W.; Gerl J.; Goel N.; Grebosz J.; Hoischen R.; Kojouharov I.; Kurz N.; Leoni S.; Molina F.; Morales A.I.; Montanari D.; Musumarra A.; Nicolini R.; Napoli D.R.; Nociforo C.; Prochazka A.; Prokopowicz W.; Regan P.H.; Rubio B.; Rudolph D.; Verma S.; Steer S.J.; Strmen P.; Swan T.P.D.; Szarka I.; Valiente-Dobón J.J.; Walker P.M.; Weick H.; Wollersheim H.J.
2010Biotin interaction with human erythrocytes: Contact on membrane surface and formation of self-assembled fibrous structuresJoshi K.B.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Verma S.
2011Carbon nanotube-nucleobase hybrids: Nanorings from uracil-modified single-walled carbon nanotubesSingh P.; Toma F.M.; Kumar J.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Raya J.; Prato M.; Verma S.; Bianco A.
2017Cavitation Erosion Behavior of Nitrogen Ion Implanted 13Cr4Ni SteelVerma S.; Dubey P.; Selokar A.W.; Dwivedi, Dheerendra Kumar; Chandra R.
2015Chemical sensing in two dimensional porous covalent organic nanosheetsDas G.; Biswal B.P.; Kandambeth S.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Kaur G.; Addicoat M.; Heine T.; Verma S.; Banerjee R.
2021Comparison of COD removal from petrochemical wastewater by electro-Fenton and electro oxidation processes: optimization and kinetic analysesSandhwar V.K.; Saxena D.; Verma S.; Garg K.K.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra
2017Coordination-Controlled One-Dimensional Molecular Chains in Hexapodal Adenine-Silver Ultrathin FilmsSaravanan R.K.; Saha P.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Gopakumar T.G.; Verma S.
2014Crystal engineering with 2-aminopurine containing a carboxylic acid pendantMohapatra B.; Venkatesh, Varadhachari; Verma S.
2017Development of cysteine amide reduced graphene oxide (CARGO) nano-adsorbents for enhanced uranyl ions removal from aqueous mediumVerma S.; Dutta, Raj Kumar
1997Differential cross sections and angular correlations in electron excitation of the 3D states of atomic hydrogenVerma S.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2018Efficacy of slope-adjusted curve number models with varying initial abstraction coefficient for runoff estimationVerma S.; Singh A.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Singh P.K.; Verma R.K.