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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Analysis of clutter reduction techniques for through wall imaging in UWB rangeVerma P.K.; Gaikwad A.N.; Singh D.; Nigam M.J.
2001Artificial neural network-based optimal capacitor switching in a distribution systemDas B.; Verma P.K.
2016Improving the material efficiency of recycled furnish for papermaking through enzyme modificationsVerma P.K.; Bhardwaj N.K.; Singh S.P.
2020Inter-granular fracture toughness of bi-crystalline graphene nanosheetsVerma P.K.; Sharma B.B.; Chaurasia A.; Parashar A.
2018Polarization matched radiating array for electronically steered phased array antennaKumar R.; Verma P.K.; Roy R.; Kartikeyan M.V.
2015Selective hydrolysis of amorphous cellulosic fines for improvement in drainage of recycled pulp based on ratios of cellulase componentsVerma P.K.; Bhardwaj N.K.; Singh S.P.
2020Sequential multi scale model to study the crack tip behaviour in bi-crystalline grapheneVerma P.K.; Parashar A.
2007Synthesis of nanosized AlN powder using novel nitridation routeSil A.; Verma P.K.
2019Wide scanned electronically steered conformal active phased array antenna for Ku-band SATCOMKumar R.; Verma P.K.; Kartikeyan M.V.