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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Modified Extreme Learning ANFIS for Higher Dimensional Regression ProblemsPramod C.P.; Tomar M.S.; Pillai G.N.; Ghosh A.K.; Verma N.K.
2009Experimental study of footings on reinforced earth slopesMittal S.; Shah M.Y.; Verma N.K.
2014Multiferroic properties of (Bi0.9Gd0.1FeO) 1-x (BaTiO3) x ceramicsUniyal P.; Lotey G.S.; Gautam A.; Verma N.K.; Yadav K.L.
2004Preparation and characterization of mixed halide systems as solid electrolyte baseGupta A.; Sil A.; Verma N.K.
2009Preparation, characterization and ionic conductivity studies of ZrO2 dispersed mixed halide matrix (KCl)0.9-(NaCl)0.1Gupta A.; Sil A.; Verma N.K.