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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Effect of auxiliary chromophores on the optical, electrochemical, and photovoltaic properties of carbazole-based dyesVenkateswararao A.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2015Functional tuning of organic dyes containing 2,7-carbazole and other electron-rich segments in the conjugation pathwayVenkateswararao A.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2015Highly efficient ultra-deep blue organic light-emitting diodes with a wet- and dry-process feasible cyanofluorene acetylene based emitterJou J.-H.; Kumar S.; Fang P.-H.; Venkateswararao A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Shyue J.-J.; Wang Y.-C.; Li T.-H.; Yu H.-H.
2014Organic dyes containing carbazole as donor and π-linker: Optical, electrochemical, and photovoltaic propertiesVenkateswararao A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lee C.-P.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.
2015Organic dyes containing fluoreneamine donor and carbazole π-linker for dye-sensitized solar cellsJustin Thomas K.R.; Venkateswararao A.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2014Organic dyes containing indolo[2,3-b]quinoxaline as a donor: Synthesis, optical and photovoltaic propertiesVenkateswararao A.; Tyagi P.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Chen P.-W.; Ho K.-C.
2019Polarity tuning of fluorene derivatives by chromophores to achieve efficient blue electroluminescent materialsJustin Thomas K.R.; Venkateswararao A.; Joseph V.; Kumar S.; Jou J.-H.
2011Solution processable indoloquinoxaline derivatives containing bulky polyaromatic hydrocarbons: Synthesis, optical spectra, and electroluminescenceTyagi P.; Venkateswararao A.; Thomas K.R.J.
2013Synthesis and characterization of organic dyes containing 2,7-disubstituted carbazole π-linkerVenkateswararao A.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2019Triazine-branched mono- and dianchoring organic dyes: Effect of acceptor arms on optical and photovoltaic propertiesThomas K.R.J.; Venkateswararao A.; Balasaravanan R.; Li C.-T.; Ho K.-C.