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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998A polymorph of bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amine iron(III) chlorideThomas K.R.J.; Velusamy M.; Palaniandavar M.
2005Benzo[1,2,5]selenadiazole bridged amines: Electro-optical propertiesVelusamy M.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lin J.T.; Wen Y.S.
2005Chromophore-labeled quinoxaline derivatives as efficient electroluminescent materialsJustin Thomas K.R.; Velusamy M.; Lin Jiann T.; Chuen C.-H.; Tao Y.-T.
1998Cis-facial coordination of bis(pyrid-2-ylmethyl)amine (bpma). Synthesis, structure and spectral behaviour of [Ni(bpma)2]2+Velusamy M.; Palaniandavar M.; Thomas K.R.J.
2004Color tuning in Benzo[1,2,5]thiadiazole-based small molecules by amino conjugation/deconjugation: Bright red-light-emitting diodesThomas K.R.J.; Lin J.T.; Velusamy M.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.-H.
2004Cyanocarbazole derivatives for high-performance electroluminescent devicesJustin Thomas K.R.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.-H.
2005Efficient red-emitting cyclometaiated iridium(III) complexes containing lepidine-based ligandsThomas K.R.J.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Chien C.-H.; Tao Y.-T.; Wen Y.S.; Hu Y.-H.; Chou P.-T.
2004Energy harvesting star-shaped molecules for electroluminescence applicationsJustin Thomas K.R.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Sun S.-S.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.-H.
2005Hexaphenylphenylene dendronised pyrenylamines for efficient organic light-emitting diodesThomas K.R.J.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Chuen C.H.; Tao Y.-T.
2005Organic dyes incorporating low-band-gap chromophores for dye-sensitized solar cellsVelusamy M.; Thomas K.R.J.; Lin J.T.; Hsu Y.-C.; Ho K.-C.
2007Synthesis, structure and electroluminescent properties of cyclometalated iridium complexes possessing sterically hindered ligandsVelusamy M.; Thomas K.R.J.; Chen C.-H.; Lin J.T.; Wen Y.S.; Hsieh W.-T.; Lai C.-H.; Chou P.-T.