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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A comparative analysis of risk associated with eating, drinking and texting during driving at unsignalised intersectionsChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2017Analysis of vehicle-based lateral performance measures during distracted driving due to phone useChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2020Assessing and Modelling Perceived Safety and Comfort of Women during RidesharingMeshram A.; Choudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.; Ulengin F.; Patil G.R.; Ozaydin O.; Tavasszy L.; Verma A.
2020Bus arrival time prediction and measure of uncertainties using survival modelsSharmila R.B.; Velaga N.R.; Choudhary, Pushpa
2019Driver behaviour at the onset of yellow signal: A comparative study of distraction caused by use of a phone and a music playerChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2019Effects of driver sleepiness and fatigue on violations among truck drivers in IndiaMahajan K.; Velaga N.R.; Kumar A.; Choudhary, Pushpa
2019Effects of driver work-rest patterns, lifestyle and payment incentives on long-haul truck driver sleepinessMahajan K.; Velaga N.R.; Kumar A.; Choudhary A.; Choudhary, Pushpa
2019Effects of phone use on driving performance: A comparative analysis of young and professional driversChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2018Effects of texting on accident risk during a sudden hazardous event: Analysis of predetection and postdetection phasesChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2019Gap acceptance behavior at unsignalized intersections: Effects of using a phone and a music player while drivingChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2020Impact of distraction on decision making at the onset of yellow signalChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2018Impacts of speed variations on freeway crashes by severity and vehicle typeChoudhary, Pushpa; Imprialou M.; Velaga N.R.; Choudhary A.
2017Mobile phone use during driving: Effects on speed and effectiveness of driver compensatory behaviourChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2021Modeling phone use prevalence and risk assessment among long-haul truck drivers in IndiaChoudhary, Pushpa; Mahajan K.; Velaga N.R.; Shankar R.
2020Modelling braking behaviour and accident probability of drivers under increasing time pressure conditionsPawar N.M.; Khanuja R.K.; Choudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2017Modelling driver distraction effects due to mobile phone use on reaction timeChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2021Modelling work- and non-work-based trip patterns during transition to lockdown period of COVID-19 pandemic in IndiaPawar D.S.; Yadav A.K.; Choudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.
2020Overall performance impairment and crash risk due to distracted driving: A comprehensive analysis using structural equation modellingChoudhary, Pushpa; Pawar N.M.; Velaga N.R.; Pawar D.S.
2019Performance Degradation during Sudden Hazardous Events: A Comparative Analysis of Use of a Phone and a Music Player during DrivingChoudhary, Pushpa; Velaga N.R.