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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Comparative study of FeCr2S4and FeSc 2S4: Spinels with orbitally active A siteSarkar S.; Maitra, Tulika; Valentí R.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2009Effect of external pressure on the Fe magnetic moment in undoped LaFeAsO from density functional theory: Proximity to a magnetic instabilityOpahle I.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Zhang Y.; Gros C.; Valentí R.
2006Effects of Fe substitution on the electronic, transport, and magnetic properties of Zn Ga2 O4: A systematic ab initio studyPisani L.; Maitra, Tulika; Valentí R.
2005Ferromagnetism in the Fe-substituted spinel semiconductor ZnGa 2O4Maitra, Tulika; Valentí R.
2010First principles determination of the model parameters in κ-(ET) 2Cu2(CN)3Jeschke H.O.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Opahle I.; Zhang Y.-Z.; Valentí R.
2009Microscopic origin of pressure-induced phase transitions in the iron pnictide superconductors A Fe2 As2: An ab initio molecular dynamics studyZhang Y.-Z.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Opahle I.; Jeschke H.O.; Valentí R.
2010Modulation of pairing interaction in Bi2Sr2CaCu 2O8+δ by an O dopant: A density functional theory studyFoyevtsova K.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Jeschke H.O.; Graser S.; Cheng H.-P.; Valentí R.; Hirschfeld P.J.
2011Multistep approach to microscopic models for frustrated quantum magnets: The case of the natural mineral azuriteJeschke H.; Opahle I.; Kandpal, Hem Chandra; Valentí R.; Das H.; Saha-Dasgupta T.; Janson O.; Rosner H.; Brühl A.; Wolf B.; Lang M.; Richter J.; Hu S.; Wang X.; Peters R.; Pruschke T.; Honecker A.
2007Orbital order in ZnV2O4Maitra, Tulika; Valentí R.
2009Proposed orbital ordering in MnV2O4 from first-principles calculationsSarkar S.; Maitra, Tulika; Valentí R.; Saha-Dasgupta T.
2009Revision of model parameters for κ-type charge transfer salts: An Ab initio studyKandpal, Hem Chandra; Opahle I.; Zhang Y.-Z.; Jeschke H.O.; Valentí R.