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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An apt material model for drying shrinkage and specific creep of HPC using artificial neural networkGedam B.A.; Bhandari N.M.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2013An apt material model to predict creep and shrinkage behaviour of HPC concreteGedam B.A.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Bhandari N.M.
2006ANN based prediction of moment coefficients in slabs subjected to patch loadGiri V.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2014Appropriate creep and shrinkage model of HPC for improved life-cycle designGedam B.A.; Bhandari N.M.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2007Artificial neural network based prediction of buckling load of laminated composite panelsMallela U.K.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2008Artificial neural network for predicting creep and shrinkage of high performance concreteKarthikeyan J.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Bhandari N.M.
2020Behavior of corrugated steel I-girder webs subjected to patch loading: Parametric studyInaam Q.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2010Buckling behavior of blade-, angle-, T-, and hat-stiffened FRP panels subjected to in-plane shearJain H.K.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2016Buckling load prediction of laminated composite stiffened panels subjected to in-plane shear using artificial neural networksMallela U.K.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2006Buckling of laminated composite stiffened panels subjected to in-plane shear: A parametric studyMallela U.K.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2014Buckling of laminated composite stiffened panels subjected to linearly varying in-plane edge loadingMallela U.K.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2009Computationally efficient analysis of cable-stayed bridge for GA-based optimizationLute V.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Singh K.K.
2013Creep and shrinkage behaviour of HPCJayakumar K.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Bhandari N.M.
2007Design aid for shear strength of steel fibre based concreteTantary M.A.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Prasad J.
2009Dynamic performance evaluation of straight and curved cable-stayed bridgesBhagwat M.; Sasmal S.; Novák B.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2017Effect of Partial Shear Interaction in Steel Concrete Composite GirdersKalibhat M.G.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Marschalko M.; Drusa M.; Rybak J.; Yilmaz I.; Segalini A.; Coisson E.
2018Flange buckling behaviour of FRP box-beams: A parametric studyKasiviswanathan M.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2020Flexural behaviour of steel I-girder having corrugated webs and slender flangesInaam Q.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2021Global buckling behavior of blade stiffened compression flange of FRP box-beamsKasiviswanathan M.; Upadhyay, Akhil
2019Improved durability of concrete using supplementary cementitious materialsGedam B.A.; Singh S.; Upadhyay, Akhil; Bhandari N.M.