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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Bio-refinery based on Indian paper industry wastesTyagi S.; Mishra N.C.; Ray A.K.
2019Database on spermatozoa transcriptogram of catagorised Frieswal crossbred (Holstein Friesian X Sahiwal) bullsSingh R.; Junghare V.; Hazra S.; Singh U.; Sengar G.S.; Raja T.V.; Kumar S.; Tyagi S.; Das A.K.; Kumar A.; Koringa P.; Jakhesara S.; Joshi C.J.; Deb R.
2019Effect of heavy metals on oxidative markers and semen quality parameters in HF crossbred bullsChand N.; Tyagi S.; Prasad R.; Dutta D.; Sirohi A.S.; Sharma A.; Tyagi R.
2018Ethylenediamine mediated luminescence enhancement of pollutant derivatized carbon quantum dots for intracellular trinitrotoluene detection: Soot to shineDevi S.; Gupta R.K.; Paul A.K.; Kumar V.; Sachdev A.; Gopinath P.; Tyagi S.
2018Firm level R&D intensity: evidence from Indian drugs and pharmaceutical industryTyagi S.; Nauriyal D.K.; Gulati R.
2018Functional proteomic analysis of crossbred (Holstein Friesian × Sahiwal) bull spermatozoaSingh R.; Sengar G.S.; Singh U.; Deb R.; Junghare V.; Hazra S.; Kumar S.; Tyagi S.; Das A.K.; Raja T.V.; Kumar A.
2011Introgression of a major gene for high grain protein content in some Indian bread wheat cultivarsKumar J.; Jaiswal V.; Kumar A.; Kumar N.; Mir R.R.; Kumar S.; Dhariwal R.; Tyagi S.; Khandelwal M.; Prabhu K.V.; Prasad R.; Balyan H.S.; Gupta P.K.
2001Metal-5-fluorouracil-histamine complexes: Solution, structural, and antitumour studiesTyagi S.; Singh S.M.; Gencaslan S.; Sheldrick W.S.; Singh U.P.
2003Nucleic acid base pair and mispair interactions with metal ions - A thermodynamic aspectTyagi S.; Gencaslan S.; Singh U.P.
2019PEG functionalized zirconium dicarboxylate MOFs for docetaxel drug delivery in vitroGupta V.; Mohiyuddin S.; Sachdev A.; Soni P.K.; Gopinath P.; Tyagi S.
2002Solid, solution, and antitumor activity studies of mixed-ligand complexes with adenine-5-bromouracil base pairSingh R.; Tyagi S.; Singh S.; Singh S.M.; Singh U.P.
2003Solution and solid studies of some metal complexes with cytosine and its derivativesTyagi S.; Gencaslan S.; Sheldrick W.S.; Singh U.P.
2005Solution studies of some binary and ternary lanthanide complexesTyagi S.; Kumar R.; Singh U.P.
2004Synthesis and reactivity studies of mononuclear zinc hydroxo complexTyagi S.; Sharma C.L.; Singh S.M.; Singh U.P.
2002Synthesis, molecular structure and emission properties of benzoato-bridged lanthanide complexes with hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borateSingh U.P.; Tyagi S.; Sharma C.L.; Görner H.; Weyhermüller T.
2004Synthesis, structural, and antitumor studies of some 5-fluorocytosine and guanine complexesTyagi S.; Singh N.; Singh S.M.; Singh U.P.