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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A decentralized automatic generation control scheme for competitive electricity marketsTyagi B.; Srivastava S.C.
2003A Fuzzy Logic Based Load Frequency Controller In a Competitive Electricity EnvironmentTyagi B.; Srivastava S.C.
2015A hybrid segmentation method based on Gaussian kernel fuzzy clustering and region based active contour model for ultrasound medical imagesGupta D.; Anand R.S.; Tyagi B.
2005A LQG based load frequency controller in a competitive electricity environmentTyagi B.; Srivastava S.C.
2005A method for optimal placement of reactive sources & reactive power procurement in competitive electricity marketsTyagi B.; Srivastava S.C.
2020A Novel Approach for Configuration Identification of Distribution Network Utilizing ╬╝pMU DataDua G.S.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2020A Novel Islanding Detection Technique Based on Event Index Value for Reconfigurable MicrogridKumar P.; Kumar V.; Tyagi B.
2019A Simplified and Effective GMPP Tracking Algorithm for Solar Photovoltaic SystemAgrawal S.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.; Agarwal P.; Sharma P.
2018A Small Scale Microgrid Planning based on Battery SOC for a Grid-connected Microgrid comprising of PV SystemKumar M.; Tyagi B.
2016A state of art review of microgrid control and integration aspectsKumar M.; Tyagi B.
2015Adaptive Critic Design Using Policy Iteration Technique for LTI Systems: A Comprehensive Performance AnalysisPrasad L.B.; Tyagi B.; Gupta H.O.
2014Adaptive optimal control of nonlinear inverted pendulum system using policy iteration techniquePrasad L.B.; Gupta H.O.; Tyagi B.
2019Adaptive optimal wide-area controller for multi-area power system using phasor measurement unit measurementsJoseph T.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2017ANFIS based Control Scheme for Binary Distillation ColumnSingh A.K.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2011ANN controller for binary distillation column - A Marquardt-Levenberg approachSingh A.K.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2013Application of feed forward and recurrent neural network topologies for the modeling and identification of binary distillation columnSingh A.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2018Application of fractional order PID controller for AGC under deregulated environmentKumar N.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2013Application of neural network based control strategies to binary distillation columnSingh A.K.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.
2014Application of policy iteration technique based adaptive optimal control design for automatic voltage regulator of power systemPrasad L.B.; Gupta H.O.; Tyagi B.
2016Approximate dynamic programming based controller design for interconnected AGC schemeKumar N.; Tyagi B.; Kumar V.