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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Blends of poly[ethylene(vinyl acetate)] and polychloroprene: Studies on capillary and dynamic flowsKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.; Gupta B.R.
1995Blends of polychloroprene and ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer miscibility studiesKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.; Samanthroy B.K.
1996Effect of fillers on the properties of poly(ethylenevinylacetate) 1:1 blends with polychloropreneKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.
1996Effect of rheological parameters on the miscibility and polymer-filler interactions of the black-filled blends of polyethylene-vinyl acetate and polychloropreneKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.; Gupta B.R.
1996HNMR and FTIR spectroscopic studies on the blends of polychloroprene with polyethylene vinylacetateKundu P.P.; Banerjee S.; Tripathy D.K.
1999Influence of Blend Composition on the Physical, Flame Retardancy, Dielectric, Aging, and Solvent Resistance Properties of Poly[ethylene(vinyl acetate)] and PolychloropreneKundu P.P.; Choudhury R.N.P.; Tripathy D.K.
1997Influence of filler-polymer interactions on the cure mismatch of dissimilar polymeric blendsKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.
1996Melting behaviour of ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer blends with polychloropreneKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.
1998Rheological properties of poly[ethylene co-(methylacrylate)], polychloroprene and their blendsKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.
1997Rheological properties of the blends of polychloroprene with poly[ethylene(vinyl acetate)]Kundu P.P.; Bhattacharya A.K.; Tripathy D.K.
1996Studies on the miscibility of blends of polychloroprene and poly(ethylene-methyl acrylate) copolymerKundu P.P.; Tripathy D.K.; Banerjee S.