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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021ANFIS and Cost Optimization for Markovian Queue with Operational VacationThakur S.; Jain A.; Jain, Madhu
2016Effect of pre-partum prilled fat supplementation on feed intake, energy balance and milk production in Murrah buffaloesSharma S.; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Roy A.K.; Thakur S.
2021Exploring the relationship between polymorphisms of leptin and IGF-1 genes with milk yield in indicine and taurine crossbred cowsDar M.R.; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Thakur S.; Verma A.
2019Hydrothermal treatment of pharmaceutical wastewaterThakur S.; Kumar A.; Reddy, Sivamohan N.
2018Identification of point mutation in TLR2 gene and its association with mastitis in water buffaloThakur S.; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Aseri G.K.; Verma A.; Vineeth M.R.; Rayees M.; Arya A.
2018Isolation and characterization of mastitis pathogens and milk composition changes in Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) during winter seasonThakur S.; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Aseri G.K.; Verma A.; Khan S.S.
2021Lambert W based speed reduction model in presence of pedestrian movements: Case studies on undivided streetsThakur S.; Maurya S.; Chandra, Satish; Biswas S.
2016Productive performance and metabolic hormonal profile in cows supplemented with prilled fatSingh, Mahendra Pal; Yadav G.; Roy A.K.; Thakur S.
2019Rhythmicity of follicular growth and plasma hormonal level in low and high producing dairy cowsDar M.R.; Singh, Mahendra Pal; Sharma R.; Thakur S.; Rautela A.; HM A.K.
2015Support interaction of Ni nanocluster based catalysts applied in CO2 reformingDas S.; Thakur S.; Bag A.; Gupta M.S.; Mondal, Prasenjit; Bordoloi A.