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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A new crossover operator for real coded genetic algorithmsDeep, K.; Thakur M.
2007A new mutation operator for real coded genetic algorithmsDeep, K.; Thakur M.
2006Application of random search technique in directional overcurrent relay coordinationBirla D.; Maheshwari R.P.; Gupta H.O.; Deep, K.; Thakur M.
2012Design optimization of three wheeled motor vehicle: A GA approachThakur M.; Deep, K.
2019Insights into the recent Kotropi landslide of August 2017, India: a geological investigation and slope stability analysisPradhan, Sarada Prasad; Panda S.D.; Roul A.R.; Thakur M.
2013Stereo camera calibration using particle swarm optimizationDeep, K.; Arya M.; Thakur M.; Raman, Balasubramanian
2008Stereo camera calibration using real coded genetic algorithmKumar S.; Thakur M.; Raman, Balasubramanian; Sukavanam, Nagarajan
2019Structure-cytotoxicity relationship for apoptotic inducers organotin(IV) derivatives of mandelic acid and L-proline and their mixed ligand complexes having enhanced cytotoxicityNath, Mala; Roy, Partha; Mishra R.; Thakur M.