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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A link analysis based approach to predict character death in game of thronesAgarwal S.; Thakur, Rahul; Mishra S.
2013A load-conscious cell selection scheme for femto-assisted cellular networksThakur, Rahul; Mishra S.; Murthy C.S.R.
2014An efficient physical resource block assignment for dense femtocell networksMishra S.; Thakur, Rahul; Murthy C.S.R.
2013An efficient preamble compression for multi clock-rate sampling wireless devicesSengupta A.; Thakur, Rahul; Murthy C.S.R.
2017An energy and cost aware framework for cell selection and energy cooperation in rural and remote femtocell networksThakur, Rahul; Mishra S.; Murthy C.S.R.
2018An Energy Efficient Cell Selection Framework for Femtocell Networks with Limited Backhaul Link CapacityThakur, Rahul; Swain S.N.; Murthy C.S.R.
2015An energy efficient cell selection scheme for femtocell network with spreadingThakur, Rahul; Kotagi V.J.; Murthy C.S.R.
2016An energy efficient framework for user association and power allocation in HetNets with interference and rate-loss constraintsThakur, Rahul; Singh R.; Murthy C.S.R.
2016Breathe to Save Energy: Assigning Downlink Transmit Power and Resource Blocks to LTE Enabled IoT NetworksKotagi V.J.; Thakur, Rahul; Mishra S.; Murthy C.S.R.
2017Cell selection and resource allocation for sleep mode enabled femtocells with backhaul link constraintThakur, Rahul; Narayan Swain S.; Siva Ram Murthy C.
2017Coverage and Rate Analysis for Facilitating Machine-To-Machine Communication in LTE-A Networks Using Device-To-Device CommunicationSwain S.N.; Thakur, Rahul; Chebiyyam S.R.M.
2017Design and stochastic geometric analysis of an efficient Q-Learning based physical resource block allocation scheme to maximize the spectral efficiency of Device-to-Device overlaid cellular networksSwain S.N.; Thakur, Rahul; Murthy C.S.R.
2013Improving capacity and energy efficiency of femtocell based cellular network through cell biasingThakur, Rahul; Sengupta A.; Siva Ram Murthy C.
2017Improving Delay and Energy Efficiency of Vehicular Networks Using Mobile Femto Access PointsPatra M.; Thakur, Rahul; Murthy C.S.R.
2021Meshsos: An IoT based emergency response systemJain B.; Trivedi K.; Agarwal S.; Thakur, Rahul; Bui T.X.
2021Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Altitude and Transmit Power Adjustments in UAV-Assisted Cellular NetworksShukla S.; Thakur, Rahul; Agarwal S.
2013Power consumption modeling of femto-assisted cellular networks using Renewal Reward ProcessThakur, Rahul; Sengupta A.; Murthy C.S.R.
2017Resource allocation and cell selection framework for LTE-Unlicensed femtocell networksThakur, Rahul; Kotagi V.J.; Murthy C.S.R.
2020Socio-Cellular Network: A Novel Social Assisted Cellular Communication ParadigmAgarwal S.; Thakur, Rahul; Yadav U.; Rathore H.