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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Aquifer contamination at roorkee/india studied by spatially constrained inversion of tem inloop dataTezkan B.; Von Papen M.; Israil, Mohammad
2011Aquifer hydraulic conductivity estimation from surface geoelectrical measurements for Krauthausen test site, GermanyNiwas S.; Tezkan B.; Israil, Mohammad
2013Characterization of an aquifer in Roorkee, India using the spatially constrained inversion of in-loop TEM dataVon Papen M.; Tezkan B.; Israil, Mohammad
2011Combined electrical and electromagnetic imaging of hot fluids within fractured rock in rugged Himalayan terrainSudha K.; Tezkan B.; Israil, Mohammad; Rai J.
2010Geoelectrical mapping of aquifer contamination: A case study from Roorkee, IndiaSudha; Tezkan B.; Israil, Mohammad; Singhal D.C.; Rai J.
2012Groundwater contamination in the Roorkee area, India: 2D joint inversion of radiomagnetotelluric and direct current resistivity dataYogeshwar P.; Tezkan B.; Israil, Mohammad; Candansayar M.E.
2020Imaging of groundwater contamination using 3D joint inversion of electrical resistivity tomography and radio magnetotelluric data: A case study from Northern IndiaDevi A.; Israil, Mohammad; Singh A.; Gupta P.K.; Yogeshwar P.; Tezkan B.