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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Betulinic acid attenuates renal fibrosis in rat chronic kidney disease modelSharma A.; Thakur R.; Lingaraju M.C.; Kumar D.; Mathesh K.; Telang A.G.; Singh T.U.; Kumar D.
2015Fipronil induced oxidative stress in kidney and brain of mice: Protective effect of vitamin E and vitamin CBadgujar P.C.; Pawar N.N.; Chandratre G.A.; Telang A.G.; Sharma A.K.
2012Studies on apoptotic changes in combined toxicity of citrinin and endosulfan in pregnant wistar rats and their fetusesSingh N.D.; Sharma A.K.; Dwivedi P.; Telang A.G.; Kumar M.; Patil R.D.
2014Toxicopathological alterations induced by high dose dietary T-2 mycotoxin and its residue detection in Wistar ratsChandratre G.A.; Telang A.G.; Badgujar P.C.; Raut S.S.; Sharma A.K.