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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aerothermal characteristics of a rectangular duct with periodic trapezium ribsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2018Aerothermal Characteristics of Solid and Slitted Pentagonal Rib TurbulatorsTariq A.; Sharma N.; Mishra M.
2002An experimental study of convective heat transfer from flat and ribbed surfacesTariq A.; Swain S.K.; Panigrahi P.K.
2016Correlations of Thermal Contact Conductance for Nominally Flat Metallic Contact in VacuumAsif M.; Tariq A.
2018Detailed heat transfer and fluid flow investigation in a rectangular duct with truncated prismatic ribsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2018Detailed heat transfer and friction factor characteristics in a rectangular duct with alternate solid and converging-slit ribsSharma N.; Ali M.S.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2017Detailed heat transfer investigation inside a rectangular duct with an array of ventilated rib turbulatorsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2012Detailed investigation on rib turbulated flow inside a rectangular ductAli M.S.; Tariq A.; Gandhi B.K.
2017Determination of thermal contact conductance of flat and curvilinear contacts by transient approachKumar S.; Tariq A.
2019Effects of contact-nature on transient thermal contact conductanceKumar S.; Tariq A.
2005Estimation of convective heat transfer coefficient from transient liquid crystal data using an inverse techniqueDas M.K.; Tariq A.; Panigrahi P.K.; Muralidhar K.
2019Estimation of thermal contact conductance using transient approach with inverse heat conduction problemAsif M.; Tariq A.; Singh K.M.
2018Experimental investigation of flow structure due to truncated prismatic rib turbulators using particle image velocimetrySharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2019Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Rectangular Duct with Pentagonal RibsSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2016Experimental investigation of thermal contact conductance for nominally flat metallic contactTariq A.; Asif M.
2017Experimental study of detailed heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in a rectangular duct with solid and slitted pentagonal RIBSSharma N.; Tariq A.; Mishra M.
2003Flow and Heat Transfer in a Rectangular Duct with Single Rib and Two Ribs Mounted on the Bottom SurfaceTariq A.; Singh K.; Panigrahi P.K.
2013Flow and heat transfer investigation behind trapezoidal rib using PIV and LCT measurementsAli M.S.; Tariq A.; Gandhi B.K.
2018Flow characteristics behind surface mounted rounded slit ribsSharma V.; Tariq A.; Prajapati A.
2003Heat transfer and flow characteristics of a rib with a slitTariq A.; Panigrahi P.K.