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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Compressive deformation behaviour of coarse SiC particle reinforced composite: Effect of age-hardening and SiC contentMondal D.P.; Das S.; Suresh K.S.; Ramakrishnan N.
2012Development of microstructure and texture in Copper during warm accumulative roll bondingSuresh K.S.; Sinha S.; Chaudhary A.; Suwas S.
2012Effect of equal channel angular extrusion on wear and corrosion behavior of the orthopedic Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy in simulated body fluidSuresh K.S.; Geetha M.; Richard C.; Landoulsi J.; Ramasawmy H.; Suwas S.; Asokamani R.
2013Effect of equal channel angular pressing on grain refinement and texture evolution in a biomedical alloy Ti13Nb13ZrSuresh K.S.; Gurao N.P.; Singh D. S.; Suwas S.; Chattopadhyay K.; Zherebtsov S.V.; Salishchev G.A.
2014Effect of germanium and silicon additions on the mechanical properties of a near-α titanium alloyKitashima T.; Suresh K.S.; Yamabe-Mitarai Y.
2014Effect of Si and Ge addition on the evolution of microstructure in near alpha titanium alloySuresh K.S.; Kitashima T.; Yamabe-Mitarai Y.
2015Effect of substrates and surfactants over the evolution of crystallographic texture of nanostructured ZnO thin films deposited through microwave irradiationBrahma S.; Jaiswal P.; Suresh K.S.; Lo K.-Y.; Suwas S.; Shivashankar S.A.
2013Effect of thermal and thermo-mechanical cycling on the microstructure of Ni-rich NiTi shape memory alloysSuresh K.S.; Bhaumik S.K.; Suwas S.
2014Effects of orientation on hardness, strain accumulation, and fractureSuresh K.S.; Kitashima T.; Yamabe-Mitarai Y.
2014Evolution and stability of phases in a high temperature shape memory alloy Ni49.4Ti38.6Hf12Suresh K.S.; Kim D.-I.; Bhaumik S.K.; Suwas S.
2012Evolution of microstructure and crystallographic texture in AA2014 aluminium alloy during equal channel angular extrusionGiribaskar S.; Suresh K.S.; Gouthama; Suwas S.
2013Evolution of microstructure and texture during deformation and recrystallization of heavily rolled Cu-Cu multilayerSuresh K.S.; Rollett A.D.; Suwas S.
2013Evolution of microstructure and texture in friction stir processed Al-Mg-Mn alloySuresh K.S.; Kumar N.; Mishra R.S.; Suwas S.
2013Evolution of microstructure and texture in Ni49.4Ti 38.6Hf12 shape memory alloy during hot rollingSuresh K.S.; Kim D.-I.; Bhaumik S.K.; Suwas S.
2016Evolution of Texture and Microstructure in Deformed and Annealed Copper-Iron MultilayerSuresh K.S.; Rollett A.D.; Suwas S.
2018Hot deformation behavior of Zr-1Nb alloy in two-phase region –microstructure and mechanical propertiesSaxena K.K.; Suresh K.S.; Kulkarni R.V.; Mani Krishna K.V.; Pancholi V.; Srivastava D.
2012Interrelation of grain boundary microstructure and texture in a hot rolled Ni-rich NiTi alloySuresh K.S.; Kim D.-I.; Bhaumik S.K.; Suwas S.
2017Microstructure and creep properties of siliconand/or germanium-bearing near-α titanium alloysKitashima T.; Suresh K.S.; Hara T.; Yamabe-Mitarai Y.; Toda Y.; Ionescu M.; Mishra B.; Kozeschnik E.; Sommitsch C.; Chandra T.; Mishra B.
2015Microstructure dependent elastic modulus variation in NiTi shape memory alloySuresh K.S.; Lahiri D.; Agarwal A.; Suwas S.
2007On the moduli of closed-cell aluminum foamMondal D.P.; Ramakrishnan N.; Suresh K.S.; Das S.