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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Biocatalytic green approach for epoxidation of fatty compounds derived from soyadeodistillate under acid free conditionsSuman S.K.; Dhawaria M.; Porwal J.; Aila M.; Karanwal N.; Behra B.; Kaul S.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Jain S.L.
2019Chicken Feather Derived Novel Support Material for Immobilization of Laccase and Its Application in Oxidation of Veratryl AlcoholSuman S.K.; Patnam P.L.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Jain S.L.
2021Optimization and kinetic modeling ofTrametes maximaIIPLC-32 laccase and application in recalcitrant dye decolorizationSuman S.K.; Malhotra M.; Khichi S.S.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Jain S.L.
2018Potential of Trametes maxima IIPLC-32 derived laccase for the detoxification of phenolic inhibitors in lignocellulosic biomass prehydrolysateSuman S.K.; Khatri M.; Dhawaria M.; Kurmi A.; Pandey D.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Jain S.L.