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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Enhancement of Model Reliability by Integrating Prediction Interval Optimization into Hydrogeological ModelingKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; He J.; Tay J.-H.; Sudheer K.P.
2008Fitting of hydrologic models: A close look at the nash-sutcliffe indexJain, Sharad Kumar; Sudheer K.P.
2021Implications of uncertainty in inflow forecasting on reservoir operation for irrigationKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; Sudheer K.P.; Soundharajan B.-S.; Adeloye A.J.
2016Indian summer monsoon rainfall: Implications of contrasting trends in the spatial variability of means and extremesGhosh S.; Vittal H.; Sharma T.; Karmakar S.; Kasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; Dhanesh Y.; Sudheer K.P.; Gunthe S.S.
2016Potential application of wavelet neural network ensemble to forecast streamflow for flood managementKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; He J.; Sudheer K.P.; Tay J.-H.
2007Rainfall-runoff modeling through hybrid intelligent systemNayak P.C.; Sudheer K.P.; Jain, Sharad Kumar
2014River flow forecasting through nonlinear local approximation in a fuzzy modelNayak P.C.; Sudheer K.P.; Jain, Sharad Kumar
2020Soil temperature dynamics at hillslope scale-field observation and machine learning-based approachNanda A.; Sen, Sumit; Sharma A.N.; Sudheer K.P.
2012Uncertainty analysis on neural network based hydrological models using probabilistic point estimate methodKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; Sudheer K.P.