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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A decentralized automatic generation control scheme for competitive electricity marketsTyagi, Barjeev; Srivastava S.C.
2003A Fuzzy Logic Based Load Frequency Controller In a Competitive Electricity EnvironmentTyagi, Barjeev; Srivastava S.C.
2019A hybrid RC-droop control strategy for power sharing and voltage restoration in islanded DC microgridsJena S.; Padhy, Narayana Prasad; Srivastava S.C.; Schulz N.N.
2005A LQG based load frequency controller in a competitive electricity environmentTyagi, Barjeev; Srivastava S.C.
2005A method for optimal placement of reactive sources & reactive power procurement in competitive electricity marketsTyagi, Barjeev; Srivastava S.C.
2015Effect of dietary administration of letrozole and tamoxifen on gonadal development, sex differentiation and biochemical changes in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)Singh A.K.; Srivastava P.P.; Verma R.; Srivastava S.C.; Kumar D.; Ansari A.
2013Invasion and impacts of alien fish species in the Ganga River, IndiaSingh A.K.; Kumar D.; Srivastava S.C.; Ansari A.; Jena J.K.; Sarkar U.K.
1985The status of Plagiochasma intermedium L. et G. in IndiaSrivastava S.C.; Kumar D.; Agarwal A.