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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Acceptor states in Pd/n-GaAs devices and effect of hydrogenationSrivastava P.C.; Chandra S.; Singh U.P.
1994Al/n-Si diodes with low energy (∼100 eV) hydrogen ion implantation prior to metallizationSrivastava P.C.; Colluza C.; Chandra S.; Singh U.P.
1995Donor states in Pd/p-GaAs devices and the effect of hydrogenationSingh U.P.; Srivastava P.C.; Chandra S.
2014Effect of zinc solubilizing bacteria on growth promotion and zinc nutrition of riceVaid S.K.; Kumar B.; Sharma A.; Shukla A.K.; Srivastava P.C.
1996Hydrogen in semiconductorsSrivastava P.C.; Singh U.P.
1998Hydrogenation studies in p-GaAsSingh U.P.; Srivastava P.C.
2019Shell model analysis of multiple SU(3) algebras in nucleiKota  V.K.B.; Shau R.; Srivastava P.C.
1990Study of extrinsic interface states at the Al/Si interface from capacitance-voltage characteristicsSrivastava P.C.; Singh U.P.
1996Study of hydrogen in hydrogenated Pd/semiconductor device by ERDASrivastava P.C.; Singh U.P.; Pandey S.P.; Avasthi D.K.
2017Two pseudomonad strains facilitate AMF mycorrhization of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) and improving phosphorus uptakeVisen A.; Bohra M.; Singh P.N.; Srivastava P.C.; Kumar S.; Sharma A.K.; Chakraborty B.