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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A continuum model to study interphase effects on elastic properties of CNT/GS-nanocompositeSrivastava A.; Kumar D.
2019Allsky airglow imaging observations from Hanle, Leh Ladakh, India: Image analyses and first resultsMondal S.; Srivastava A.; Yadav V.; Sarkhel S.; Sunil Krishna M.V.; Rao Y.K.; Singh V.
2018Catalytic activity of pure Ni and Ni-33%Cu for dehydrogenation during graphene growth by chemical vapour depositionSasidhar K.N.; Srivastava A.; Bera P.; Lahiri I.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2009Effect of Ni doping on structural and dielectric properties of BaTiO 3Kumar Y.; Mohiddon M.A.; Srivastava A.; Yadav K.L.
2016Elastic properties of CNT-and graphene-reinforced nanocomposites using RVEKumar D.; Srivastava A.
2015Evaluation of Phenolic Content Recoveries in Hydrolyzed Extracts of Bergenia ciliata Using RP-HPLC, GC-MS after Silylation, and Validation through Antioxidant PotentialSrivastava N.; Singh B.N.; Srivastava A.; Khan A.R.; Srivastava S.; Sharma A.; Rawat A.K.S.
2005Laser schlieren measurement of vertical flow past a heated horizontal circular cylinderSrivastava A.; Dutta S.; Panigrahi P.K.; Muralidhar K.
2017Mechanical Behaviour of Graphene Reinforced Aluminum Nano compositesMokhalingam A.; Kumar D.; Srivastava A.
2018Mechanical characterization and postbuckling behavior of carbon nanotube–carbon fiber reinforced nanocomposite laminateSrivastava A.; Kumar D.
2017Microstructure and mechanical property relationship for different heat treatment and hydrogen level in multi-pass welded P91 steel jointPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar P.; Saini N.; Srivastava A.
2017Microstructure-based assessment of creep rupture behaviour of cast-forged P91 steelPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar P.; Vidyrathy R.S.; Srivastava A.
2019Performance Optimization of a Grid-Connected PV/Biomass-Based Hybrid Energy System Using BBO AlgorithmChauhan A.; Khan M.T.; Srivastava A.; Saini R.P.; Tomar A.; Sood Y.R.; Mishra S.
2017Post-buckling behaviour of carbon-nanotube-reinforced nanocomposite plateSrivastava A.; Kumar D.
2019Postbuckling of nanocomposite plate reinforced with randomly oriented and dispersed CNTS modeled through rsa techniqueSrivastava A.; Kumar D.
2019Pulsatile flow and heat transfer of shear-thinning power-law fluids over a confined semi-circular cylinderSrivastava A.; Dhiman A.
2014Study of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) in top soil of Punjab State from the North Western part of IndiaSrivastava A.; Lahiri S.; Maiti M.; Knolle F.; Hoyler F.; Scherer U.W.; Schnug E.W.
2015Survey of acaricides resistance status of Rhipiciphalus (Boophilus) microplus collected from selected places of Bihar, an eastern state of IndiaGhosh S.; Kumar R.; Nagar G.; Kumar S.; Sharma A.K.; Srivastava A.; Kumar S.; Ajith Kumar K.G.; Saravanan B.C.