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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19871s-2s and 1s-2p excitation of hydrogen by positronsSrivastava, Rajesh; Katiyar A.K.; Khurana I.
19842 1S excitation of helium: A precise distorted wave approachSrivastava, Rajesh; Kumar M.; Tripathi A.N.
19832S1 excitation of the helium atomSingh C.S.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Rai D.K.
2021A new approach to study electron and positron scattering from acetyleneMahato D.; Sharma, Lalita; Srivastava, Rajesh
2021A Real-time Implementation for the Speech Steganography using Short-Time Fourier Transformfor Secured Mobile CommunicationSrivastava, Rajesh; Singh M.; Thakur R.; Teja K.S.S.
2012A theoretical examination of the GOS method for normalizing relative cross section data - The case of indiumDas T.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.
1991Alignment and orientation in the electron-impact excitation of H- and He-like ionsSrivastava, Rajesh; Itikawa Y.; Sakimoto K.
2020An approach to study electron and positron scattering from NH3and PH3using the analytic static potentialMahato D.; Sharma, Lalita; Srivastava, Rajesh
2010Angle-differential Stokes parameters for spin-polarized electron-impact excitation of the Hg 6s6p 3P1 state at 25-eV scattering energyJüttemann F.; Hanne G.F.; Zatsarinny O.; Bartschat K.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Gangwar R.K.; Stauffer A.D.
1994Angular correlation and differential cross sections in e-H(1 2S3 2P) excitationVerma S.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2019Application of relativistic coupled cluster theory to elastic scattering of electrons from confined Ca atomsBharti S.; Sharma, Lalita; Sahoo B.K.; Malkar P.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2018Application of relativistic coupled-cluster theory to electron impact excitation of Mg+ in the plasma environmentSharma, Lalita; Sahoo B.K.; Malkar P.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2012Argon plasma modeling with detailed fine-structure cross sectionsGangwar R.K.; Sharma, Lalita; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.
2012C-R Model for Ar plasmas using reliable excitation cross-sectionsGangwar R.K.; Sharma, Lalita; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.
2017Calculation of fully relativistic cross sections for electron excitation of cesium atom and its application to the diagnostics of hydrogen-cesium plasmaPriti; Dipti; Gangwar R.K.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2006Coincidence study of excitation of cadmium atoms by electron impactPiwiński M.; Dziczek D.; Klosowski L.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Chwirot S.
2018Collisional radiative model for Ar-O2 mixture plasma with fully relativistic fine structure cross sectionsPriti; Gangwar R.K.; Srivastava, Rajesh
2013Collisional-radiative model for non-Maxwellian inductively coupled argon plasmas using detailed fine-structure relativistic distorted-wave cross sectionsDipti; Gangwar R.K.; Srivastava, Rajesh; Stauffer A.D.
2015Collisional-radiative model for the diagnostics of low pressure inductively coupled krypton plasmaSrivastava, Rajesh; Dipti; Gangwar R.K.; Stafford L.
2019Collisional-radiative model of xenon plasma with calculated electron-impact fine-structure excitation cross-sectionsPriti; Gangwar R.K.; Srivastava, Rajesh