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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Charophytes from Deccanintertrappean beds of peninsular India: Implications for age and correlation of Deccan volcanicsSrinivasan S.; Bajpai, Sunil; Sahni A.
2013Commissioning and evaluation of a fiber-optic sensor system for bridge monitoringScott R.H.; Banerji P.; Chikermane, Sanjay Anil; Srinivasan S.; Basheer P.A.M.; Surre F.; Sun T.; Grattan K.T.V.
2014Encapsulation of paramagnetic diatomic molecules B2, O 2 and Ge2 inside C60Equbal A.; Srinivasan S.; Ramachandran, C. N.; Sathyamurthy N.
1993Fossil Charophyta from the deccan intertrappean beds of Gurmatkal, Gulbarga District, KarnatakaSrinivasan S.; Sahni A.; Bajpai, Sunil
1997Fossil turtle eggshells from infratrappean beds of Duddukuru, Andhra PradeshBajpai, Sunil; Srinivasan S.; Sahni A.
1994Late Cretaceous dinosaur eggs and nesting sites from the Deccan volcano-sedimentary province of peninsular IndiaSahni A.; Tandon S.K.; Jolly A.; Bajpai S.; Sood A.; Srinivasan S.
1993Ornithoid eggshells from Deccan intertrappean beds near Anjar (Kachchh), Western IndiaBajpai, Sunil; Sahni A.; Srinivasan S.
1990Review of Late Pleistocene ostriches (Struthio sp.) of India.Sahni A.; Kumar G.; Srinivasan S.; Bajpai S.
1989Ultrastructure and taxonomy of ostrich eggshells from Upper Palaeolithic sites of India.Sahni A.; Kumar G.; Srinivasan S.; Bajpai S.
2002Upper Cretaceous intertrappean non-marine Ostracoda from Mohagaonkala (Mohgaon-Kalan), Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh State, Central IndiaWhatley R.; Bajpai, Sunil; Srinivasan S.